30 July 2011


Last night we stayed up talking about things,
everything we were worried about,
thinking about,
wishing and hoping for.

Needless to say,
there were tears and hugs,
and lots of love in this apartment last night.
And we have grown still closer
through that experience.
And we're going to continue to grow,
and learn to compromise better.
And support each other as we pursue what we want to do

And be willing to stay up til unheavenly hours of the night
talking over our problems
rather than going to sleep worrying and keeping it bottled in ;)


  1. Ali, this post was so true. It's so much better to talk about things before you go to bed instead of letting it all bottle up inside of you. And there's nothing better than overcoming hardships, you feel so much better afterwards.
    Youre such a cute couple. miss ya guys

  2. That is so sweet. I love reading posts like this from couples!


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