28 July 2011

Hello my dears!

Ok so I want to tell you about something I've been working on ;)
You all know that I've been wanting to get into the blog designing thing,
and I have found the software I'm gonna use
for it too!

But what I really want to start doing is templates too, 
 just have to figure out how to teach myself that part.
I figured out a code for each design I've created so far,
which is about 32 ish.
Once I'm able to buy the software I can continue my work ;)
I have already created a blgo to help me experiment with my
designs and eventually it will become where I host all the backgrounds from.
Here's what the logo will consist of:

Isn't it darling??
Thank you very much,
I have taken my bow ;)

Although this means I'm gonna have to start buying digital scrapbook kits.
Which also means I'm gonna have to ask for donations after 
everything gets started,
but don't worry, it's still in the process of a couple months
of fruition.
It'll slow down a bit once school starts cuz then I have to be at work,
but hopefully not too much.
I really truly love doing this, might even have to take a couple classes
to get it just right.
(Or if someone just wants to show me the ropes cuz they're an amazing soul,
I'll make you cookies!)

I've also been thinking of going back to school.
First, to finish my Associate's Degree finally
(yeah I know, 4 years to get a 2 year degree, big deal....)
and possibly continue to get a BA in History.
Just for fun, because history has always fascinated me.
I don't want to teach anymore like I thought I did,
but I want to be able to focus my historical fascinations
down to mainly World War 2 in Europe.
Also, mainly in the Holocaust.
Since I was 8 years old, I have thirsted for knowledge of this horrific event,
and the pschyology behind the monsters that created it.

So to re-cap:
I want to start my own design blog,
and am in the process of doing so.
And I'm thinking about going back to school
for my historical whims ;)

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  1. COOL! There are so many bloggers that will love to get a new design, so that's a great skill to have. Sounds like fun!


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