17 July 2011

Harry freakin Potter

Yes I am a Potter fan ;)
I also know that everyone has written these posts but let's be honest,
Harry was a huge part of our lives and now it has ended.
A decade long love ;)

I though I'd start by telling you how I met Harry.
We had just moved to our house in Mesa,
Nick and I were having problems making friends,
so we spent a lot of time getting books from the library and reading at home.

One day my mom brought in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone 
to read to us, and we weren't interested at all at first.
Then Harry made it to Hogwarts and we were hooked!
As each book came out, we read them out loud as a family and fell more in love.
And let's again be honest,
we called Hermione, Her-me-own.

I cried at every heartfelt sorrow,
laughed at every Fred and George joke,
loved every single moment I spent in Rowling's magical world.
My heart broke with the death of Harry's loved ones.
All I kept thinking was
"Is anyone going to be left to take care of this poor boy??"
But I loved the way the books ended (and the movies too)

I can absolutely blame/thank J.K. Rowling for helping me
to discover the magic of reading.
I never liked to read until Harry Potter.

And so as I was one of the die hard fans that saw the last
movie at midnight,
I will relay my thoughts on it.

I loved it!
I also forgot how action-packed this one would have to be!
I told my husband about 1/4 through it "was it really this intense??"
To which he replied "this is the second half of the book remember?"
"Oh right....."
A big fat DUH!

So here's some pictures I found via Google of the movie:

And Neville kicked BUTT!!
He was amazing ;)
The movie had a great balance of humor, action, and love.
A perfect end to the saga ;)

Thank you Harry for all you taught us
and for showing us that good always conquers evil 
and how to do the right thing no matter how hard it may be.
Goodbye Harry ;)


  1. Great post! And a big thank you for not giving away any spoilers. As I am a new Harry lover I am just beginning to read the books although I have seen all the movie and am ready to watch the new movie on Thursday.

  2. Love it!!! I'm a Harry fan too! :) Haven't gotten to see the last movie yet... Honestly I'm kind of in no rush because then it's over! :( But I will soon!


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