05 July 2011

Arizona Summer

Friends, it's frackin hot!
Triple digits, muggy now that monsoons have started, and 
burning your fingers on the steering wheel.

As much as I love being here close to my family,
and Andrew's family,
there are times when we both say
"WHY do we still live here!?"
Then we remember family,
and friends blah blah blah ;)

Now since it is so hot,
and now I'm home all the time cleaning
and occasionally cooking,
this is the look of Ali the housewife:

Yes complete with stupid faces hahahahaha
Andrew thinks it's hilarious.

It always mamzes me how much crap 
we have in this itty-bitty apartment, 
and so I've been trying to maximize the storage space.
Re-organized the bathroom cabinet,
working on the bedroom closet,
and the linen closet again is out of control
but I still have a month before school starts back up again!
I can get it all done promise ;)

Hope you guys had a great 4th of July!
We were at Andrew's parents house doing laundry hahaha

Later lovelies!

1 comment:

  1. Good for you Ali-the-Housewife.

    I love staying home, I know that I have a munchkin to keep me busy, but during nap time it truly makes me feel good to work on our house. I am trying to be better about making dinner for us. Dinner was never a standard thing in my house growing up, but it was for Eric.

    I promised him I would be better once I stopped working. But it is still hard for me. The IDEA part is the worst. I just don't know what to make. Once that's decided it's a breeze.

    Do you have this problem? Do you have a solution? If so, PLEASE SHARE.

    Love you.


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