30 July 2011


Last night we stayed up talking about things,
everything we were worried about,
thinking about,
wishing and hoping for.

Needless to say,
there were tears and hugs,
and lots of love in this apartment last night.
And we have grown still closer
through that experience.
And we're going to continue to grow,
and learn to compromise better.
And support each other as we pursue what we want to do

And be willing to stay up til unheavenly hours of the night
talking over our problems
rather than going to sleep worrying and keeping it bottled in ;)

28 July 2011

Hello my dears!

Ok so I want to tell you about something I've been working on ;)
You all know that I've been wanting to get into the blog designing thing,
and I have found the software I'm gonna use
for it too!

But what I really want to start doing is templates too, 
 just have to figure out how to teach myself that part.
I figured out a code for each design I've created so far,
which is about 32 ish.
Once I'm able to buy the software I can continue my work ;)
I have already created a blgo to help me experiment with my
designs and eventually it will become where I host all the backgrounds from.
Here's what the logo will consist of:

Isn't it darling??
Thank you very much,
I have taken my bow ;)

Although this means I'm gonna have to start buying digital scrapbook kits.
Which also means I'm gonna have to ask for donations after 
everything gets started,
but don't worry, it's still in the process of a couple months
of fruition.
It'll slow down a bit once school starts cuz then I have to be at work,
but hopefully not too much.
I really truly love doing this, might even have to take a couple classes
to get it just right.
(Or if someone just wants to show me the ropes cuz they're an amazing soul,
I'll make you cookies!)

I've also been thinking of going back to school.
First, to finish my Associate's Degree finally
(yeah I know, 4 years to get a 2 year degree, big deal....)
and possibly continue to get a BA in History.
Just for fun, because history has always fascinated me.
I don't want to teach anymore like I thought I did,
but I want to be able to focus my historical fascinations
down to mainly World War 2 in Europe.
Also, mainly in the Holocaust.
Since I was 8 years old, I have thirsted for knowledge of this horrific event,
and the pschyology behind the monsters that created it.

So to re-cap:
I want to start my own design blog,
and am in the process of doing so.
And I'm thinking about going back to school
for my historical whims ;)

27 July 2011

Guest Posting!

I'm over here at Writing on a Whim
with the lovely Miss Whitney!!

Check it out!!
 Leave some love! ;)

23 July 2011

A really cool idea

When my mom went to girls camp this summer,
she brought me back some goodies ;)

The theme was
"Royal Princess"
(or something close....I don't remember exactly)
("Never underestimate the power of your righteous influence")

At first, I was super jealous cuz when I was in YW,
our stake prez wouldn't let us do a princess theme.
But now it's a new prez, and he said "Go for it!"
No fair but oh well ;)
The reason why I even brought this up is this:
The Happily Ever After book.
In it, you write your happily ever after.
I loved this idea!
The girls at camp were writing about what they were
hoping for their wedding, husband, etc.
So since I'm already married,
with a husband
I thought it would be cool for Andrew and I to write our love story in it.
Our complete story.
From our past loves to the present.
Andrew thought it was a great idea too ;)
I've already finished my part,
and it was a little weird writing this again but in condensed form.
I worte about my heartbreaks, and mistakes but not in detail.
(my diary's got the details taken care of)

So for all you married and not-yet married alike,
I think this is a great idea to do.
Remember the good times,
and the not-so-good that you learned from.
Andrew and I are going to add to the notebook throughout
our marriage and we'll give it to our kids eventually ;)

First we need to have kids though....

22 July 2011

Ok I know this is out of the ordinary

I know there's a Pinterest like day of the week or something,
but I always forget about it!

So I'm going to share it today anyways ;)
These are all from My Styleboard

 Ok is the ring not the most gorgeous thing ever?! 
And I totally want that jacket!
Oh the things I would buy if I had money,
and if I was a size 0 ;)
Hope you all enjoy!! 

And come follow me if you aren't already!!

21 July 2011

I'm thinkin a swap is in order ;)

So the lovely Mrs. Amy posted this on her blog 
which she in turn attributed it to this blog and this blog!
And I've decided it's a great idea!

A button swap!

I LOVE displaying buttons on my sidebar for the people I read about ;)
You guys are so cute and inspiring!

So here's how it works mmmk?

You grab mine:
Our Happily ever After

and then you send me yours in an email.
Just send the HTML code for it,
and please no bigger than 225 X 225 ;)
Fits better on my sidebar if they're all the same,
or at least close ;)

If you'd like a different style or size, go to the
"My Buttons" page for that ;)



17 July 2011

Harry freakin Potter

Yes I am a Potter fan ;)
I also know that everyone has written these posts but let's be honest,
Harry was a huge part of our lives and now it has ended.
A decade long love ;)

I though I'd start by telling you how I met Harry.
We had just moved to our house in Mesa,
Nick and I were having problems making friends,
so we spent a lot of time getting books from the library and reading at home.

One day my mom brought in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone 
to read to us, and we weren't interested at all at first.
Then Harry made it to Hogwarts and we were hooked!
As each book came out, we read them out loud as a family and fell more in love.
And let's again be honest,
we called Hermione, Her-me-own.

I cried at every heartfelt sorrow,
laughed at every Fred and George joke,
loved every single moment I spent in Rowling's magical world.
My heart broke with the death of Harry's loved ones.
All I kept thinking was
"Is anyone going to be left to take care of this poor boy??"
But I loved the way the books ended (and the movies too)

I can absolutely blame/thank J.K. Rowling for helping me
to discover the magic of reading.
I never liked to read until Harry Potter.

And so as I was one of the die hard fans that saw the last
movie at midnight,
I will relay my thoughts on it.

I loved it!
I also forgot how action-packed this one would have to be!
I told my husband about 1/4 through it "was it really this intense??"
To which he replied "this is the second half of the book remember?"
"Oh right....."
A big fat DUH!

So here's some pictures I found via Google of the movie:

And Neville kicked BUTT!!
He was amazing ;)
The movie had a great balance of humor, action, and love.
A perfect end to the saga ;)

Thank you Harry for all you taught us
and for showing us that good always conquers evil 
and how to do the right thing no matter how hard it may be.
Goodbye Harry ;)

15 July 2011


So I've been thinking about doing a giveaway of blog design.
Granted, I'm not perfect but I love creating new things and I wanna do it more often.
So what do you think??
It would be for one you amazing followers.
I made my own background, and Perla's.
The prize would be a complete makeover:
background, header, labels, and you get to choose everything!
So who thinks this would be a good idea??

13 July 2011

Pen Pals

Ok so remember when I mentioned the Pen Pal Project??
I got my list of pals on Monday and I'm so excited!!
Actually one of my followers was on the list 
but she'll have to wait for my letter to come to know who she is ;)

I'm on the international list and I'm super excited to start
writing my letters today!
Just what do I write??
The normal "welcome-to-the-craziness-that-is-me"
introductory letter??
Yeah probably ;)

I love writing letters!
And receiving them via snail mail ;)
There's just something exciting about getting things in the mailbox ;)
Anyone else wanna be pen pals?
Srsly, anyone?? ;)

11 July 2011

My beloved Disney Store

I got the following pictures from the lovely Rhonda
whom I worked with. 
I forgot to take my camera every time I went in but then again,
it was always so busy that I would never have remembered to take pictures
so thank goodness Rhonda did and was willing to share them with me ;)

 At least the animation is going to the kids
at both the Make-a-Wish foundation and the Phoenix Childrens Hospital.
Now they'll be there for another generation to love ;)

We had our Disney "pity party" on Saturday
and boy it was hilarious!
Booze was rampant (not for me of course)
and watching my co-workers get wasted was just hilarious.
And luckily we left before it got even more crazy ;)

I love my Disney family and we are still a family.
We're planning on going to Disneyland in October as a family,
and hopefully we can all go ;)

Oh and on a completely different note!
My friend Noelle is hosting a giveaway!
A free photography session and 10% off if you comment!
See here to enter!

07 July 2011


This baby will be mine!!

I know it might not be very fancy but
it's a step up from this:

And in many years I will get this:

I'm just so excited to be a getting a new phone 
I had to share this with you!

05 July 2011

Arizona Summer

Friends, it's frackin hot!
Triple digits, muggy now that monsoons have started, and 
burning your fingers on the steering wheel.

As much as I love being here close to my family,
and Andrew's family,
there are times when we both say
"WHY do we still live here!?"
Then we remember family,
and friends blah blah blah ;)

Now since it is so hot,
and now I'm home all the time cleaning
and occasionally cooking,
this is the look of Ali the housewife:

Yes complete with stupid faces hahahahaha
Andrew thinks it's hilarious.

It always mamzes me how much crap 
we have in this itty-bitty apartment, 
and so I've been trying to maximize the storage space.
Re-organized the bathroom cabinet,
working on the bedroom closet,
and the linen closet again is out of control
but I still have a month before school starts back up again!
I can get it all done promise ;)

Hope you guys had a great 4th of July!
We were at Andrew's parents house doing laundry hahaha

Later lovelies!

02 July 2011

Let me just tell you

How amazing this man is:

 I feel like I never say it enough.
Andrew is truly the greatest man in the world.
I always feel safe and loved beyond compare.
He tells me he loves me every day and that is the best thing for me.

There are times when he thinks he doesn't do enough for me,
when really he does everything and more.
I love him with all my heart and soul.
He always talks to me,
asks my opinion, cuddles with me on the couch after a long day,
and he has the biggest heart for others.
He is always putting me in front of his interests,
giving up his dreams for our little two-person family.
He says he's just trading one dream for a better one,
but I know the sacrifice he makes is bigger than he says.
And I love him all the more for it.

I hate to re-use this quote since a lot of people like it,
but in this case it is true beond a doubt:
"Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same."

I love him so much, I tell him often but 
I should tell him even more.

Sorry if it's too mushy for you,
but hey it's my blog!