29 June 2011

This summer

Has been wonderful!
Well, mostly wonderful.
My store closing wasn't so wonderful but having more time to reconnect
with those I love and whom I want to spend my time with.

Andrew and I have loved being able to recharge the batteries and grow closer together
before school starts for both of us.
 Visiting the family was awesome,
hanging out with my dysfunctional Disney family is always a fun time,
and realizing that we will financially survive thie summer was 
a blessing hahahahahaha

This week AYT is doing Les Miserables at the Mesa Art Center,
and this is a huge dream come true.
The kids are amazing!
Seriously amazing.
I cried, laughed, was touched, and so proud of all these kiddos.
And the fact that my brother plays a drunk is hilarious,
complete with an IBC root beer bottle in his hand all the time.
And being able to see the show 3 times,
and help out where I can,
has been so fun for me and also makes me wish
I could perform like them hahaha ;)

Reconnecting with husband+
chillaxing before the craziness of school+
watching talented teens perform one of the greatest shows of all time=
a perfect summer ;)



  1. So glad you are making the best of things. It sounds like you are having a great time. I hope you keep enjoying your school-free summer!

  2. I'm glad that everything has worked out. Getting to spend extra time together is so awesome. Good for you.


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