10 June 2011

Table for two please!

So after work on Wednesday,
Andrew decided he wanted to have a romantic dinner for us.

Isn't he the cutest thing ever!?
So after setting off the smoke detector once, 
we sat down,
turned on our fake candles,
and feasted on manicotti stuffed with chicken 
and a creamcheese/diced tomatoes/onions sauce
topped with cheese ;)

Can my man cook or what!?

It was an amazing thing that we could stay up til 11
talking, eating, and just knowing how much we love each other.

How did you spend your night?? ;)


  1. AW!!! Good for him! :) Wondering about the smoke detector though... heehee.

  2. okay so now that I have internet again I would like to post on your cooking website sometime too!!!


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