08 June 2011

So I gave in.....

I have always said that I would never get a planner 
cuz that's what my mom has.

Well then I got married and we're super busy and 
I tend to forget when things are.....
and I didn't have anyone's address for my family or friends 
and I needed somwhere to keep them,
so today at Target I bought a planner:

Please forgive the blurryness of photo,
had to use my phone.

And now that I have a place for addresses I can start
sending things to people!

So if you're feeling cool,
or want to be pen pals or something,
email me your address!



  1. haha. Planners make me feel so grown up. lol.

  2. How very organized of you! I have always used a planner if that makes you feel better! I like the feeling of checking things off. :)


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