13 June 2011

A "remodel" of sorts

Yeah so we live in an apartment so we can't really remodel,
but we can redecorate!

So we did ;)

Andrew came home one day and said, "I wanna move things around.
It doesn't feel like us yet."

So last night after my family left,
we took things off the walls and started over ;)

Here's the end result:

This wall used to have all the Disney/Broadway frames

Moved the Disney lithographs around

The Wall-E pictures are in a kind of alcove that was empty before

The pictures are in the order in which I saw the shows ;)
(I haven't seen RENT yet but it's on the list)

We put the leaf in the table to we could use more of it when people come over

Our movie collection
(we need nother bookshelf cuz we're running out of room)

I just HAD to share with you guys cuz I'm super excited about it!
It feels much more homey, and like us ;)
Andrew has also promised that I can get more frames
to put ALL my Disney lithographs up around the apartment ;)



  1. Very cute! I love all the pictures. I wish I could hang more but my walls are concrete (German housing) and my landlord doesn't allow drill holes so I'm pretty much SOL. I'm a new follower btw. :)

  2. Awww nice. I love all the pictures too. It's always nice to do things together with that special someone. The boyfie and I are planning to paint my room, I am looking forward to this project a lot. =)


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