11 June 2011

Cooking blog 2

Ok so I shared the same cooking experience on the cooking blog that I shared here,
but I want more people to get involved with the blog!

I need your help my lovelies!!

It's harder to do it by myself
(except for the lovely Ms Kari who guest posted for me already!)

PLEASE if you have any recipe you want to share,
doesn't matter what it is, just email me about it and we'll get it set up!

And spread the word to your friends if you would!

Click the cupcake below to get to it and spread the cooking frenzy! ;)

Cook-a-holics Anonymous

(email is in the top right sidebar,
email me for a guest post!!)



  1. Can I just say you're my hero!! I worked at Disney World for two CP's and I miss it like crazy. Love your blog!!


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