02 June 2011

My new favorite place for groceries!

Man..... I must be married now
since groceries are exciting hahahahaha
But I digress slightly.

Ok so one of my managers at work told me about our local food bank
and that you can buy groceries from them.
Now at first, I was like "um.....food bank??"

Then she told me the amazing things.
$16 for about $50 worth of food!
5 pounds of meat, a bag of produce, and a bag of non-perishables.
And that's just to start!
Then you get a pastry, 4 breads, eggs and milk, another few things of produce,
and as you leave, you can fill bags of even MORE produce!
Now things vary by week cuz it's all from donations
from the stores and people.
It's a wonderful place ;)

Here's some pictures to show you pur bounty:

Isn't he so cute?!
And that's only half the huge watermelon we got!
We split it wit my mom.
I mean, do you see how much food we have!?
It's so awesome!

Plus it helps the less fortunate and I felt good helping
and getting all of this food for me and my family
it's just a never-ending good cycle ;)

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