15 June 2011

My darlin' Andrew ;)

Today is Andrew's birthday!! 
He turns 22!! 
I'm so happy to have him in my life and so happy that he chose me to be his wife!

For his birthday and Christmas he gave me a list of 
movies, books, video games, etc he wanted
so being the loving and doting wife I am,
I bought him this little treat for his birthday ;)

He loves this movie
because it plays to his sports geek, cartoon geek, and cheesy line geek
all at the same time ;)

We've been through a lot together and I can't wait for eternity more with him!
I mean look at this handsome man I'm lucky enough to be married to!

I love you babe!!
Happy Birthday!



  1. So Scarlette i sin my lap while I am blog browsing and we are looking at your's and suddenly she goes "jeses(how she pronounces it" I say what??? "right dare...Jeses!" It took me a moment to realize she found Jesus Christ on the sidebar of your page. : )


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