12 June 2011

Looking forward!

This week is gonna be insane!
First, it's Andrew's birthday this week! (the big 22)
Second, we're gonna celebrate 6 months of marriage 
and 4 years of being together!
Third, we're finally gonna see some friends that we haven't seen in ages!

I'm super excited to see our friends.
After getting married, you know how you fall away from people?
I didn't want it to happen, and honestly I've tried to invite people over,
but somehow it still did.

But I'm ready to re-connect and hopefully we can get our 
friends to hang out with us more often.
Andrew and I both get lonely on occassions,
when the other isn't home,
and it'll be awesome having friends come by
to chill ;)

What's happening for your week?!


  1. Ali,

    You commented before me on FTLOB, and I love your blog! It's adorable. First off, happy birthday to Andrew. Secondly, WOOT! for 6 months of marriage! Here's to a lifetime more. Third, yay for seeing friends! Can't wait to read more about it!


  2. A story like yours gives me hope! Only 22 and already been together for four years? Oh, I hope I can be as happy as you two one day ♥ Have fun with your friends as well!

  3. That's the biggest bummer about getting married. A lot of single friends just don't talk to you anymore! Lame sauce! Yay for married friends!


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