07 June 2011

I feel like I missed out!

I hadn't noticed til I was talking to Andrew the other day,
but I follow a ton of brides-to-be blogs!

Now hang on a sec!
I was a bride-to-be 6 months ago and didn't know about any of them!!
I wish I had found you lovely ladies sooner!
They have great advice and the coolest sponsors!
(although I'll admit that I have NO idea what sponsors do....)

Now don't get me wrong,
my wedding was amazing and everything.
I mean I married the man of my dreams,
which is the whole point right?

But I kinda wished I had seen more ideas before 
deciding on certain aspects.
These girls are SO talented and creative!
Now I also made my table centerpieces,
so I have a little creativity in me hahahahaha

And also 2 of these ladies are counting down to their final
days before the big day!! 
So a big shout out to

And another shout out to those getting to their one year anniversaries!
(and they're both teachers, crazy right?)

I'm super happy to be celebrating 6 months of marriage
and 4 years of relationship with my husband! ;)

It's amazing how fast time flies!


  1. but now you can be an advice blogger to all of us bride to bes. you have been there, and you planned it and you married. we are all terrified, well, i am. so we need awesome ladies like you to give us advice and help us out.

  2. Thanks for the shout out sweet friend!!! It's almost here!!! AH! :) And thanks for all your encouraging comments along the way!

  3. I feel the same way. I started blogging right after getting married, it would have been so fun if I started before!

  4. I know how you feel, I watch wedding shows or see wedding photos and think wow I wish I had thought of or knew about that...especially when it comes to my dress, sad I know. But to be honest I found the most amazing perfect make you cry dress, but it was like 300 dollars outside budget. So I had to let it go... : ( but hey at least we married the perfect guys right?!


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