03 June 2011

Definition of beauty

This week for our Shine Challenge Ash asked us to define beauty.

This was kida a tough one since I'm not very stylish, or hip in pretty much anyway,
but then again, beauty is sometimes only skin-deep.

My definition of beauty are these kids:
I mean aren't they just the cutest!?

They also have the biggest hearts and they hold my heart.
This was my second kindergarten class,
and this class was especially sweet because I only had 15.
We started with 20, and of course lost a few to Mexico....

What is so special about these kids?
And how are they beautiful?
FIrst off, they are an ELD class.
Which means that English is their second language
and that they're just starting to learn it.
They are so cute as they stumble between languages.
And I'm happy to say that 12 out of my 15 kids
are moving out of ELD and into a regular classroom next year!
That's huge!

Secondly, they are the sweetest kids ever.
When I walked into the room,
I got attacked with hugs and kisses and they wouldn't let go.
That just made my days g so much better.
Yes there were times that they drove me absolutely crazy
but they still warmed my heart and left their little handprints all over it.

And I think that's beautiful.
Plus they are our future, and they should be able to learn everything they can,
regardless of their parents' statuses.
These kids are often the go-betweens for their parents,
and honestly, it's kinda sad for me.
They shouldn't have that pressure but they still take it pretty well.
They have beautiful little souls and big hearts.

And that, to me, is beauty.
To be able to love so completely and bring sunshine to a cloudy day.

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  1. That is beautiful! It sounds like they thought their teacher was beautiful too. :)

  2. that is definitely beautiful :)

  3. Having also served a mission in Argentina .. I have a giant soft spot for all little ones with chocolate eyes!! i think you are beautiful for dedicating time to helping them learn English, make friends and feel proud of themselves for getting into a "regular" classroom. They will forever love you!!

  4. so well said.. beauty is everywhere and in everyone. xo hugs I am participating too!

  5. That's great that your kids are learning the language! So great of you to teach them and care about them so much. Thanks for shining!


  6. love this girrrl! Thanks for linking up!!!


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