20 June 2011


Ever feel completely discouraged?
Cuz I'm to that point right about now.
Mostly in my church callings.

Firstly, Scout Committee.
Do I look like a good Scouting choice??

'nuff said.

Second, Sunbeams.
Now don't get me wrong, they are adorable,
and I love getting to teach them.
I just am exhausted.
And we're gonna be out of town this weekend and cannot find a sub!
I asked the Primary for help cuz my 9 3-year olds are hard to handle,
and nothin......

Third, getting our callings 3 weeks after we moved in.
We live in a transient ward,
it's true.
But really??
THAT transient that I never got to Relief Society
and now only know 2 women in the ward?
I think that's bull.
I miss interaction with ward members...
we kinda interact with our kids' parents but it's only when they pick them up.
We never know when the activities are,
we haven't received any phone calls asking if we're ok,
if we need anything, etc.

I guess I'm just wishing that something had been done.
(Now granted, I'm not good at Visiting Teaching either
and THAT'S my fault)

And with my job ending in 2 days,
I will have nothing to work for this next month.
Which in some ways, is great!
Other ways, not so much,
but I gotta try to make do with what I got....
That just seems to be much harder than it sounds

Anyone else ever feel like this?

Sorry for the downer....


  1. I'm a new follower!! I read your about me, and your love story is exactly like mine! I met my missionary the summer going into senior year, became friends, got together the day of graduation, and he left for his mission in December!! :) Hahahaha so awesome! love your blog :)

  2. It sucks when things just don't seem fair. I feel that same way sometimes. I got put in Cub Scouts (no experience), but obviously the Lord knows some things we don't. Just keep going. :) And see if the ward keeps up with their website. That can be a good way to find out what's happening.


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