06 June 2011

3 year olds.....

Ok so yesterday at church, I wore my cute dress from my Disney graduation.
I love this dress and I've worn it a few times
to church and gotten compliments on it.

Only today, as I was reaching to grab a naughty 3-year-old, it ripped.
A hole the size of a 50-cent piece under my armpit.....
Thankfully you couldn't see my garments whew!
All I could think about though was this ginormous hole,
and how to use a child to shield it hahahaha

Then throughout the lesson, I kept getting asked
"why you have a hole in you dress?"
"Well kids it's cuz you won't sit for singing time
or sharing time, and Sister Mills
has to try and get you to sit with her so you're less
distracting for the others.
Now color your picture!"

Moral of the story is:
Don't wear your cute clothes when you have to run after kids.
And always have extras of the SAME coloring page.

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