29 June 2011

This summer

Has been wonderful!
Well, mostly wonderful.
My store closing wasn't so wonderful but having more time to reconnect
with those I love and whom I want to spend my time with.

Andrew and I have loved being able to recharge the batteries and grow closer together
before school starts for both of us.
 Visiting the family was awesome,
hanging out with my dysfunctional Disney family is always a fun time,
and realizing that we will financially survive thie summer was 
a blessing hahahahahaha

This week AYT is doing Les Miserables at the Mesa Art Center,
and this is a huge dream come true.
The kids are amazing!
Seriously amazing.
I cried, laughed, was touched, and so proud of all these kiddos.
And the fact that my brother plays a drunk is hilarious,
complete with an IBC root beer bottle in his hand all the time.
And being able to see the show 3 times,
and help out where I can,
has been so fun for me and also makes me wish
I could perform like them hahaha ;)

Reconnecting with husband+
chillaxing before the craziness of school+
watching talented teens perform one of the greatest shows of all time=
a perfect summer ;)


27 June 2011

Colorado trip

Ok so my grandparents' 50th wedding anniverdary was this past Friday,
and we threw a surprise party for them on Saturday.
They were so surprised it was hilarious!
We sent them on a mini roadtrip down memory lane,
while we cleaned the house and set up everything.

One of the things my aunt really wanted to do for them was to re-take
a picture of the 7 of them they had 
taken like 20 years ago.
So we snuck out Friday night 
to take it with the 7 siblings.
And it turned out great!
I got some great snapshots of candid moments.

Everybody is gettin in position ;)

Lani was trying to keep baby Selleck happy while Matt
positioned everything, but the poor thing had sun in his eyes ;)

I think they look awesome!
And my grandparents loved the gift!
There were tears and lots of hugs,
we had such a great time and it was great to see my Bowler family!
I can't wait to get together with them again! ;)

23 June 2011


Ok so I'm super new to Pinterest and don't know all the great things,
but I absolutely love it already!

friends that have similar tastes, recipes, and lots more!

Here's my profile link: http://pinterest.com/mrs_ali_mills/

So if you wanna be super amazing, follow me and I will follow you back I promise!!


22 June 2011

Pictures from Perla

Thanks to my friend Perla,
Andrew and I now have some really nice pictures of us
to hang around our house ;)

We did a swap: blog "design" for pictures ;)
So check her two blogs out here and here and see my handywork ;)
Here are just a few of my favorites:

 Didn't she make us look great!?
Thanks girl!

20 June 2011


Ever feel completely discouraged?
Cuz I'm to that point right about now.
Mostly in my church callings.

Firstly, Scout Committee.
Do I look like a good Scouting choice??

'nuff said.

Second, Sunbeams.
Now don't get me wrong, they are adorable,
and I love getting to teach them.
I just am exhausted.
And we're gonna be out of town this weekend and cannot find a sub!
I asked the Primary for help cuz my 9 3-year olds are hard to handle,
and nothin......

Third, getting our callings 3 weeks after we moved in.
We live in a transient ward,
it's true.
But really??
THAT transient that I never got to Relief Society
and now only know 2 women in the ward?
I think that's bull.
I miss interaction with ward members...
we kinda interact with our kids' parents but it's only when they pick them up.
We never know when the activities are,
we haven't received any phone calls asking if we're ok,
if we need anything, etc.

I guess I'm just wishing that something had been done.
(Now granted, I'm not good at Visiting Teaching either
and THAT'S my fault)

And with my job ending in 2 days,
I will have nothing to work for this next month.
Which in some ways, is great!
Other ways, not so much,
but I gotta try to make do with what I got....
That just seems to be much harder than it sounds

Anyone else ever feel like this?

Sorry for the downer....

19 June 2011

Father's Day (late)

I know, I'm posting at the end of the day, it's awful.
But my dad knows how much I love him ;)

We made him dinner tonight since my mom is at Girls Camp,
and we made him relax and not think about work for 2 whole hours
(this is a big deal my friends)

He's the greatest friend, and just so goofy
especially when he gets tired.
 He gets all loopy and makes the funniest noises hahahahahahaha
 I couldn't have asked for a better dad ;)

I also wanted to mention that my husband,
a future dad,
was amazing today.
Despite not feeling well, and not getting enough sleep,
he helped me with the Sunbeams today,
made dinner,
and volunteered to help with set building for Les Mis!

I can't wait until he's a father ;)
He's going to be a great one.

17 June 2011


Sorry for not posting,
but I'll be honest,
I have no idea what to post about anymore.

Plus it's just been kinda emotional as my Disney Store closes on Wednesday
and that means my Disney family will be separated for awhile.
It just makes me sad,
and I'm concerned for the 11 of us that weren't able to transfer to another store.
I'm mostly concerned for my management team that have nowhere to go either.
As if this economy isn't bad enough,
they open a new store,
and then a week later tell us we're shutting down.......
and leaving us stranded
"But please re-apply!"
I've been with the company for 4 years and this is the 3rd time
something like this has happened.
I'm taking this as a sign that I shouldn't work with them anymore.
Or something......
"Please re-apply"

You're taking away my job,
and my store that's been there for 20 years 
and all you can say is
"Please re-apply".
So much for magic, and nothing to show for my 4 years of loyalty
and hard work.

Sorry but that's just not right.

15 June 2011

My darlin' Andrew ;)

Today is Andrew's birthday!! 
He turns 22!! 
I'm so happy to have him in my life and so happy that he chose me to be his wife!

For his birthday and Christmas he gave me a list of 
movies, books, video games, etc he wanted
so being the loving and doting wife I am,
I bought him this little treat for his birthday ;)

He loves this movie
because it plays to his sports geek, cartoon geek, and cheesy line geek
all at the same time ;)

We've been through a lot together and I can't wait for eternity more with him!
I mean look at this handsome man I'm lucky enough to be married to!

I love you babe!!
Happy Birthday!


Guest Posting!

I'm guest posting over here:
She's adorable and I love her,
and so will you ;)

13 June 2011

A "remodel" of sorts

Yeah so we live in an apartment so we can't really remodel,
but we can redecorate!

So we did ;)

Andrew came home one day and said, "I wanna move things around.
It doesn't feel like us yet."

So last night after my family left,
we took things off the walls and started over ;)

Here's the end result:

This wall used to have all the Disney/Broadway frames

Moved the Disney lithographs around

The Wall-E pictures are in a kind of alcove that was empty before

The pictures are in the order in which I saw the shows ;)
(I haven't seen RENT yet but it's on the list)

We put the leaf in the table to we could use more of it when people come over

Our movie collection
(we need nother bookshelf cuz we're running out of room)

I just HAD to share with you guys cuz I'm super excited about it!
It feels much more homey, and like us ;)
Andrew has also promised that I can get more frames
to put ALL my Disney lithographs up around the apartment ;)