19 May 2011

Ugh. Blah. Ugh.

Ok so I gotta be a little selfish right now.,

I definitely had a huge emotional breakdown today.
And it was bad.
Let's just say that it started out as a bad morning:
went into my purse for my badge and found melted Junior Mints
all over everything,
so therefore having to flip a U and run back for a new purse,
thus being semi-late to work.

Then got to work and found my class had already gone to the talent show,
so I figured I was going to follow,
only to find out that I had to stay and test the other class I help with.
Um, excuse me?
Now let me say this:
I have not been involved in things with my class this year,
but not by my choice.
My teacher just wants to use my time to only do academic stuff.
So I wasn't involved in this either.
I'm a little peeved about that because that's something I want to help with.
And let's also say that there are some people
that can just do whatever they want
and it bothers me.

SO then after the talent show eventually ended,
I was helping the kids get through the lunch line,
and again another person tries to "help" my kids.
Ugh, just move out of my way.
I know that sounds a little harsh but truly, 
this girl has just been in the way
all year and she doesn't even like the kids.

After lunch,
I had my lunch, and felt so sick.
NO idea where it's coming from,
but it's been like this for a few weeks now.
Just random tummy issues yuck!
When I got back to my classroom, 
I started working on yet another project for the kids
which is fun just a little tedious.
I just kinda wanted to do something WITH the kids
since I really hadn't seen them all day.
Then they left about 30 minutes before
the second show started thus leaving me behind again.
Now, I don't blame my teacher for this ok?
I just wanna make that clear.
She's a great person, I'm just annoyed about the situation.
I try to work hard, do what I'm told, and not get into stupid drama.
And then, nothing.
Others are praised, others are favorited, etc.
You know what I mean?
I don't want special treatment, but I don't want to be swept under the rug
and ignored when I work just as hard.

Anyways. I know I've written negative posts recently
and I'm sorry for that.
I promise I'll post a better one here soon.
Til then!


  1. Sorry you're dealing with this! :( It's no fun! I hope it gets better!

    (And I hope your stomach quits hurting randomly. It's no fun. I get the same thing sometimes.)

  2. hmm... stomach "aches?" moody? Are you pregnant??:))

    sorry. I just had to. lol.. I totally know how you feel though. been there, done that. I hope it gets better!

  3. Chin up! Sometimes we need to rant :) I totally hate having things melt in your purse, that's the worst!

  4. boo.... sounds like you are having a rough time of things right now. I am positive God has a lesson for you to learn or a reason for it! But it still stinks while you are in it!
    Just stumbled across your blog! Cute!

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