07 May 2011

Turbulent week

Ok so this week has been really really rough.
I still hadn't heard whether I had a job at the school next year,
my husband's finals were stressing both of us out,
and then to top the cake:
my Disney Store is closing within 60 days........
I can't even describe how devastated I am.
When they said the words:
"The company has chosen to shut this store down"
my tears just would not stop.
(which was really not good cuz I had an interview that day too)
Now some of you might think this is a little overboard
but let me explain why this sucks.

My Disney Store cast is my family.
We have been together for over 4 years now
(some of them have been there longer)
and we are super close.
What kills me even more is that the company
didn't give us any place to go.
There's a new store opening in a couple weeks
and they filled all those positions before they closed us down.
So literally, we have nowhere to go.
Including my managers.
Like I said, it's been really rough.

My wonderful loving husband has caught many a tear
from me this past few days.
He has told me not to worry, that we'll be fine.
I just hope we really are,
cuz Disney was supposed to help us pay our bills over the summer,
but now obviously we need to figure something else out.
I've applied to a ton of places for anything
and only had one bite.
But even that bite meant 6 other applicants for one position.
NO idea if I'll get that one.

I'm sad that Mickey will no longer be my boss....
that my "family" will be separated,
but I refuse to lose them forever.
Cyndi has volunteered to be a "Fairy Godmother" to my future children,
Laura is gonna introduce them to Supernatural
(she's the resident expert)
and we will find ways to get together.

I love them all so much and they have touched my life
forever and always ;)

And we will get through this.
We'll stand together as they close the doors to our store,
to that chapter of our lives and as we move on to another one ;)


  1. I know it can't make it all better, but ... *hugs*

  2. I am so sorry to here about your week. I know that nothing I say can make all the craziness go away, but please know that I have stopped for a moment to send positive thoughts your way. I wish you luck in all you do!

    Stopping by from the Comment Love hop. I hope you have a TERRIFIC Mother's Day. Your mom sounds wonderful (I read that post, too, but I didn't comment on it).


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