01 May 2011


I love Sundays.
They are so peaceful.
They're also the one day I'm guaranteed to have Andrew
all to myself hahahaha.

Sundays are when we get prepared for the week
ahead and the challenges we know
it will bring.
We get to teach our little Sunbeams whom we love
even when they're crazy and make me run after them
down the hall.

I especially like Fast Sundays.
I never really knew how great they were
until I moved to Cali and never got to go to church,
and would forget about Fast Sundays.
It was like I was missing part of my soul
which I kinda was.

But after coming home,
going back to church,
and now being able to fast every month has
blessed our lives so much.
I turly would be lost without my religion,
and the anchor it gives me on life.

Sundays are also nice because
they're relaxing.
We can sit around the house until church,
and after church we can sit around again ;)
(I like sitting around)

Especially with Andrew's finals coming up these next 2 weeks,
we need all the relaxation he can get to prepare.
Him stressing does NOT = good finals.

How do you spend your Sunday??


  1. Hey I only just found your blog and love it. I am super jealous that you get to work at DISNEYLAND!!! I am a HUGEEEE fan of Disney!
    I love Sundays too! I go to Church like you, I'm the Secretary in RS in our ward so I spend a good part of my Sunday organising the Sisters but then relaxation with my husband in the afternoon. Fast Sundays are also my favourite - I always find there's something someone says in their Testimony that I needed to hear :)

    - Chrissie from mattandchrissie11dec.blogspot.com

  2. Love the sitting around, too! :D I do it most days I can, actually. lol

    Good luck to Andrew on his finals this week!!


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