17 May 2011

Sorry for the silence!

Let's just say that the last two weeks of school
for me is insanely crazy!

I'm trying to get the kids' gifts all ready,
the gift for me teacher ready,
and just trying to get the kids through the 2 weeks alive

Speaking of gifts,
what should I get the teacher I work for??
I haven't a clue!
She's wonderful,
a first year teacher,
and adorable to boot.
I need ideas!!!!
So please shower me with your ideas and inspirations ;)

Thanks friends!

And if you want to be a part of the cooking blog this summer,
either comment here with your email
or email me!
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  1. Google search teacher gift ideas. I've seen them on a lot of blogs.

  2. My personal fav is a Target gift card. Teachers get a LOT of teacher stuff and it's fun... But being able to treat myself once in a blue moon is nice too. Target's nice because you can get school stuff OR fun stuff. :) But anything that just shows her you appreciate her is perfect. If you are making something, I think name plaques are adorable. :) Or if she uses a marble or treat jar, you could get a cute jar and decal her name on it. :)


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