03 May 2011

My Talented Friends

Ok so I have a talented friend out in South Africa
named Chantelle.

She's a brilliant artist and just plain hilarious!
When I worked at Disneyland, she drew a picture of me
based on a picture I took at Disneyland:

And her rendition:

Isn't it awesome!?
I love it!

So as Andrew and I were getting ready to get married,
I asked Chantelle if she would be willing
to do a drawing of us that we could put up in our house.
She was more than happy to do it!
This is the picture I gave her:

We took this at my birthday dinner.
I told her that my hair was shorter now but that was the only difference,
and so here's the finished product:

I absolutely love it!
I'm gonna print it out on something nice and hang it up!
I love displaying things from my friends in my home!
Of course I'll post picutres later
of it hanging up ;)

Oh and check out Chantelle's DevianArt page!
It's amazing and I love her work!

Thank you so much C!

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  1. All I can really say is wow! She does do amazing work. Your site is great and I plan on coming back to read more.


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