08 May 2011

My amazing mother!

Ok so I know everyone will do a post
about their wonderful mom,
and I am too ;)

I love my mom so much!
She has always been right there for me no matter what.
I often get told that I look like her.
And I'm totally ok with that.
I mean look at how gorgeous she is!

 Look at that babe!
 I love the dress choice mama hahahaha ;)
And now that she's a mom,
she's still as beautiful as ever ;)

I mean, HELLO!
She's such ana amazing person to me
and she makes my life so much easier!
She is there to catch my tears from every heartbreak,
there to laugh at every good time,
there for me when I need strength,
there as my support and rock through everything,
she's the first one I call for everything Disney-related
(we're both obsessed).

She's my best friend
(my husband is too don't worry)
and I'm so glad we get 2 days a year to officially celebrate her,
but truly everyday I'm so happy she's my mom ;)

Love you mom!
Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Visiting from Comment Love! Your mom sounds like a wonderful person, and how awesome that she shares your obsession with Disney (I am a Disney Buff too!!). Love the photos...but they make me want to go back to Disneyland! Haha!

  2. Hi, just stopped by from FTLOB. I love all the pictures of your mom! She sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Stopping over from Comment Love Day! What a beautiful post about your mom, she's lucky to have such a thoughtful daughter. I hope you enjoy your mother's day as well!

  4. This was a very sweet post! :)

    Stopping by from FTLOB!

  5. Aww... so sweet! Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!

  6. The pics of your Momma from her life before she was your mom - I love those! I love seeing before pictures of my parents - I like to try to imagine what their daily lives were like, who they were, before they were my Mom and Dad.

    Happy Comment Love Day!

  7. aaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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