11 May 2011

The Latest

Ok so I've told you all that they're closing my Disney Store,
thus leaving me without a job for the summer.
And I still haven't heard for sure whether or not I'm back
at the school in August.
(school ends in 2 weeks......)
I'm trying really hard not to panic.......
But truly, I've tried applying other places,
tons of them too,
but no one is biting on my resume.

Well let me re-phrase that.
I had one bite, 
I went and interviewed,
and nothing after that.

Now I'm also seeing a silver lining to this development.
I can be home for the summer.
Which means that I can cook,
organize, and work on my creative-ness.
Plus maybe it's time we can start a family?
I would love that more than anything,
Andrew too.
Plus my great-grandmother wants a 5 generation picture
hahahahahaha so no pressure....
Who knows? 
Maybe this is exactly what the doctor ordered for me,
and Andrew too of course.

So we'll see I guess ;)

1 comment:

  1. Oh starting a family is such an exciting adventure together. Don't get down on the lack of follow up, I think that is everyones problem right now! Find your passion and run with it, it is that time in your life you should do it!! Keep us posted on what your doing.


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