14 May 2011

I wanna go shopping

Let me just give you an idea of all the crap I wanna buy:

Ok so I want clothes.
I want more dresses to wear. 
I only have 3 dresses and 3 skirts on my possession.
I know, I heard a lot of gasps after that statement.
And yes I am ashamed of the lack of feminine clothing in my wardrobe.
If anyone is interested in sending them as a gift,
most of these are from DressBarn
(the last blue one is off of eBay)
and you would be my bestest friend ever! ;)

I also want these:

I love making jewelry.
My mom and i used to do it all the time,
and it was super fun ;)
I made a pair of earrings for like every shirt I owned.
And I had about 4-5 of just Westwood colors for Fridays
(I was in high school obviously)

What's on your wish list?



  1. Love that last blue one! Where is it from? I couldn't find it at dressbarns website.

  2. Dresses are fabulous and the ones you have picked out won't go out of style. LOVE the last one, I am going to have to get it for myself! Keep me posted on what you end of getting :)

  3. I totally want the last dress... where did you find it??


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