21 May 2011

A happier note ;)

First off let me say, 
THANK YOU for all of your support!
You guys are the best ;)
I'm doing much better now, and just letting things run its course ;)
And having faith that it'll all work out,
God takes care of His children
so I'm not too worried.
(But I'm not making Him do all the work either ok promise ;) )

So today the new Disney Store is opening today,
and as cool as that is for AZ,
it still makes me sad that my wonderful store has to close because of it
(and that the mall we're in is dying).
Micky and Minnie will be visiting there today and I'm considering going down there,
but it's kinda a far drive.
Hmmm decisions decisions hahahahaha

 (this was the first picture I found on my computer with Mickey in it hahaha
I have a thousand of them after working there for so long)

Oh but my amazing husband allowed me to 
purchase my summer dishes from my store yesterday that I've been wanting ;)
6 plates for $10, which is pretty good I thought ;)
Plus a Princess Tiana towel for $7.99.
I was in heaven ;)
Pictures to come, they are currently in the dishwasher being cleaned for use

Oh and seeing as today is "the end of the world"
my best regards to all and I hope to see you all tomorrow
Oh wait but then that means that I'm not saved right??

Bah! A bunch of poppycock!!

Oh and I'm currently working on 2 recipes for the cooking blog!
I'm super excited to get this started once school ends!
(which is this Thursday! Woot!!)

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