30 May 2011

I ......

want a baby.
Really bad........ 

we want to start our family.
I get discouraged on occasion,
and it's just hard
when I know so many people that didn't mean to, or want
to get pregnant and have.

And then there's me.
I want to be a mother sooo bad.
And it's difficult when I feel blocked,
almost like trpping at the finish line.
Yeah I know, I know,
"live your life together before you bring kids in".
Well, we don't believe in that.
We've also been together for a long time and we want a child.

I'll admit that I get jealous,
but at least I can hold other babies.
I'm just ready to have my own little bundle of joy......
know what I mean?

Oh well.....
I know it'll happen in God's time, not mine,
but still...... sooner is better than later......
and I want one

29 May 2011

Cooking blog and weekend!

Ok so my friend form high school is blessing her
 baby today at church and I'm so excited for her! 
Her baby girl is the cutest most adorable thing on the planet!
All smiles and giggles ;)

Also happening today, the cooking blog has its first post!
I'm so excited!
Now I'll admit that the recipe I chose is pretty simple, but I am a simple person mmmk?

Go check it out!
And if you want to participate, email me for details!



26 May 2011

I don't know how many of you noticed...

But I finally got that Disneyland on a budget tab all 
figured out and typed for you all to see!

But I still need your help with it!
If you, my lovelies would go read it and then give me feedback.
Was it helpful?
Did I leave any aspect out? 
Should I be more specific about anything?

You guys get the idea??
It would be such a great help to me!
Plus I think it helps when everyone is planning trips ;)
It's the "Disneyland" tab!! 

Thanks loves!

25 May 2011

A couple examples

I thought I'd show you a couple of the backgrounds I've made:








If you like these, the link from Photobucket is there underneath,
and I would use this tutorial to install it.
Hopefully soon I'll figure out how to make it into an easy code ;)



So my brother came and hung out with us all day on Saturday,
and told me about the Entertainment Weekly's article on Hunger Games.
Well more like all about Katniss.
I had to see what she looked like!
And boy is she HOT!!

 I mean HELLO! 
She's super HOT.
I am now super excited to see the movie!
Now my only issue is that Peeta has to be right....
I still hate the guy they chose but oh well,
what's done is done I suppose.
I think she looks perfect,
thoughts anyone??

24 May 2011

Can I just say...

That I feel AWESOME!! 
I made my background all by myself in Photoshop!
Now this is a first time thing for me people!
I'm super excited and thinking that I might start getting into this once I learn more.
Currently I can only use Minima template, 
so I need to figure out how to use others ;)
I would love to get everyone's opinions though on the background!
Do you like??
And would anyone want their own designs??

23 May 2011

Summer time!!

School's over in 3 days!!
Bring on Summer!!

I totally wish we had sunflowers like this
in Arizona!

Cooking blog to start on Friday!

22 May 2011

Home sick....

We woke up and felt like this:

 Complete with sad child face......
poor Andrew is worse than I am.
He can barely talk and has been possessed with a cough demon.

SO now I get to play nurse to my poor husband,
and we have to miss our Beamers but better to get him well,
than get them sick and then us again right?

Loves to you all ;)

I now need to find a Kleenex box........

21 May 2011

A happier note ;)

First off let me say, 
THANK YOU for all of your support!
You guys are the best ;)
I'm doing much better now, and just letting things run its course ;)
And having faith that it'll all work out,
God takes care of His children
so I'm not too worried.
(But I'm not making Him do all the work either ok promise ;) )

So today the new Disney Store is opening today,
and as cool as that is for AZ,
it still makes me sad that my wonderful store has to close because of it
(and that the mall we're in is dying).
Micky and Minnie will be visiting there today and I'm considering going down there,
but it's kinda a far drive.
Hmmm decisions decisions hahahahaha

 (this was the first picture I found on my computer with Mickey in it hahaha
I have a thousand of them after working there for so long)

Oh but my amazing husband allowed me to 
purchase my summer dishes from my store yesterday that I've been wanting ;)
6 plates for $10, which is pretty good I thought ;)
Plus a Princess Tiana towel for $7.99.
I was in heaven ;)
Pictures to come, they are currently in the dishwasher being cleaned for use

Oh and seeing as today is "the end of the world"
my best regards to all and I hope to see you all tomorrow
Oh wait but then that means that I'm not saved right??

Bah! A bunch of poppycock!!

Oh and I'm currently working on 2 recipes for the cooking blog!
I'm super excited to get this started once school ends!
(which is this Thursday! Woot!!)

19 May 2011

Ugh. Blah. Ugh.

Ok so I gotta be a little selfish right now.,

I definitely had a huge emotional breakdown today.
And it was bad.
Let's just say that it started out as a bad morning:
went into my purse for my badge and found melted Junior Mints
all over everything,
so therefore having to flip a U and run back for a new purse,
thus being semi-late to work.

Then got to work and found my class had already gone to the talent show,
so I figured I was going to follow,
only to find out that I had to stay and test the other class I help with.
Um, excuse me?
Now let me say this:
I have not been involved in things with my class this year,
but not by my choice.
My teacher just wants to use my time to only do academic stuff.
So I wasn't involved in this either.
I'm a little peeved about that because that's something I want to help with.
And let's also say that there are some people
that can just do whatever they want
and it bothers me.

SO then after the talent show eventually ended,
I was helping the kids get through the lunch line,
and again another person tries to "help" my kids.
Ugh, just move out of my way.
I know that sounds a little harsh but truly, 
this girl has just been in the way
all year and she doesn't even like the kids.

After lunch,
I had my lunch, and felt so sick.
NO idea where it's coming from,
but it's been like this for a few weeks now.
Just random tummy issues yuck!
When I got back to my classroom, 
I started working on yet another project for the kids
which is fun just a little tedious.
I just kinda wanted to do something WITH the kids
since I really hadn't seen them all day.
Then they left about 30 minutes before
the second show started thus leaving me behind again.
Now, I don't blame my teacher for this ok?
I just wanna make that clear.
She's a great person, I'm just annoyed about the situation.
I try to work hard, do what I'm told, and not get into stupid drama.
And then, nothing.
Others are praised, others are favorited, etc.
You know what I mean?
I don't want special treatment, but I don't want to be swept under the rug
and ignored when I work just as hard.

Anyways. I know I've written negative posts recently
and I'm sorry for that.
I promise I'll post a better one here soon.
Til then!

17 May 2011

Sorry for the silence!

Let's just say that the last two weeks of school
for me is insanely crazy!

I'm trying to get the kids' gifts all ready,
the gift for me teacher ready,
and just trying to get the kids through the 2 weeks alive

Speaking of gifts,
what should I get the teacher I work for??
I haven't a clue!
She's wonderful,
a first year teacher,
and adorable to boot.
I need ideas!!!!
So please shower me with your ideas and inspirations ;)

Thanks friends!

And if you want to be a part of the cooking blog this summer,
either comment here with your email
or email me!
(it's on the sidebar)


14 May 2011

I wanna go shopping

Let me just give you an idea of all the crap I wanna buy:

Ok so I want clothes.
I want more dresses to wear. 
I only have 3 dresses and 3 skirts on my possession.
I know, I heard a lot of gasps after that statement.
And yes I am ashamed of the lack of feminine clothing in my wardrobe.
If anyone is interested in sending them as a gift,
most of these are from DressBarn
(the last blue one is off of eBay)
and you would be my bestest friend ever! ;)

I also want these:

I love making jewelry.
My mom and i used to do it all the time,
and it was super fun ;)
I made a pair of earrings for like every shirt I owned.
And I had about 4-5 of just Westwood colors for Fridays
(I was in high school obviously)

What's on your wish list?


11 May 2011

The Latest

Ok so I've told you all that they're closing my Disney Store,
thus leaving me without a job for the summer.
And I still haven't heard for sure whether or not I'm back
at the school in August.
(school ends in 2 weeks......)
I'm trying really hard not to panic.......
But truly, I've tried applying other places,
tons of them too,
but no one is biting on my resume.

Well let me re-phrase that.
I had one bite, 
I went and interviewed,
and nothing after that.

Now I'm also seeing a silver lining to this development.
I can be home for the summer.
Which means that I can cook,
organize, and work on my creative-ness.
Plus maybe it's time we can start a family?
I would love that more than anything,
Andrew too.
Plus my great-grandmother wants a 5 generation picture
hahahahahaha so no pressure....
Who knows? 
Maybe this is exactly what the doctor ordered for me,
and Andrew too of course.

So we'll see I guess ;)

10 May 2011

Last call!

Ok guys this is the last call for the cooking blog!
I wanna start it up at the end of May,
so PLEASE email me
if you want to guest post!

It's open to everyone,
and every kind of food!

Here's the link so you can see what the blog will look like so far

Email me here:

abowler.88 {at} gmail {dot} com

09 May 2011

A new software I like

Now it's limited on what it can do but I happen to love it
for the little things it CAN do. 
Like it makes all my signatures without that annoying white box around it!
Which I absolutely love!

It's called Paintbrush
Which I guess is basically what the Windows one is called,
or so my husband says.

Anywyas, it's free for MAC users
(the Paint program for Windows is free too)
and you can dowload it here

I heard about it from CutestBlogonTheBlock
in their Blog Secrets section ;)
They have tons of good tutorials
and easy things to do on your blog!
I fully love them ;)

Just a little somethin for y'all to enjoy!

08 May 2011

My amazing mother!

Ok so I know everyone will do a post
about their wonderful mom,
and I am too ;)

I love my mom so much!
She has always been right there for me no matter what.
I often get told that I look like her.
And I'm totally ok with that.
I mean look at how gorgeous she is!

 Look at that babe!
 I love the dress choice mama hahahaha ;)
And now that she's a mom,
she's still as beautiful as ever ;)

I mean, HELLO!
She's such ana amazing person to me
and she makes my life so much easier!
She is there to catch my tears from every heartbreak,
there to laugh at every good time,
there for me when I need strength,
there as my support and rock through everything,
she's the first one I call for everything Disney-related
(we're both obsessed).

She's my best friend
(my husband is too don't worry)
and I'm so glad we get 2 days a year to officially celebrate her,
but truly everyday I'm so happy she's my mom ;)

Love you mom!
Happy Mother's Day!