03 April 2011

The Zoo

Ok so I went to the zoo with my kinders
this past Tuesday,
and it was fun, hot, and insanely busy!

Like 4 other schools and tons of mothers and their kids.

Now of course, I cannot post
pictures of my adorable kids,
so you'll have to live with the adrable animals we saw ;)



No idea what this bird is but I loved it's skinny legs
hahahahahaha so little:


My favorite, the tiger:

Ok so this little bird came right up to
me and the boys while we were resting
on a bench by the "lake".
They loved it!

And the Komodo Dragon:

He's the one laying under the branch.
The kids couldn't see him until I showed them
on my camera.

So overall, it was an exhausting day,
but fun with my little boys ;)
They were adorable
and started complaining of having to walk everywhere,

And I love my hat BTW ;)
Don't you??
$8 at Wal-Mart and I hot glued some flowers onto it
for some extra cuteness and fun ;)
And thank goodness I wore that hat,
I only got burned a tiny bit!

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  1. oh i love the zoo! best adventures ever! i adore the giraffes:) xo


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