07 April 2011

Will you pledge??

I took the pledge!

As a "Kind-hearted blogger" I pledge to:

-Create, inspire, and admire rather than
compete with my fellow bloggers.

-Be understanding of each other.
In the blogging community, as well as in the world.

-Stay away from internet/blogging bullying.

-Speak my mind freely, while still keeping in mind
other people's feelings. Be tactful.

-Make an effort--no matter how big or small the gesture
to bring kindness or joy to the world.

-Acknowledge I will make mistakes, (I'm only human)
but remember to learn from them.

-Know that at times I will post the negative stuff about life,
and maybe even some complaining (I'm only human)
but I will always follow up with something positive/happy too.

-Believe that this world is a good place,
filled with good people.

So will you pledge?


  1. Hey! Love your blog! Such a cute background! We were actually married in the SLC temple June 16, 2010. Ah, happy day. Are you a newlywed yourself?! And now that I look at the dvd case, you are correct. But either way, Despicable me gives me the feel goods. Anyways, I look forward to watching your blog!

  2. Love your blog! I'm following now!! Found you on Fab Friday. You, my dear are Fab!!


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