21 April 2011

What I Love Wednesday

So every Wednesday my mom, grandma, and I
do a lunch date ;)
(and I usually have to throw in a load of laundry too hahaha)

I love getting to spend time with them
and just chatting.

After my mom and I left my grandparents
house, we went back to our house.
And we ate cookie dough,
and chatted some more.

Then I asked about our wedding book,
and if there had been some work on it yet,
and my mom had forgotten that she'd even had it

So I have now taken over since
over the summer I wanted to get more crafty,
I figure my Disneyland scrapbook
and my wedding scrapbook is a good place to start ;)

I started organizing pictures
last night of all my Disney adventures
while I was living there
and man SOOO many memories came flooding back ;)
Great memories too ;)

Then I looked at the pictures from our wedding day.
Now, that day was a really big blur,
but I remember getting married,
eating Taco Bell after we left the temple,
the rain/rainbow,
dancing under the stars with my now husband,
and my daddy/daughter dance.

Looking at the photos though it's even better ;)
I started to remember some little things,
like how the flowers smelled,
how the grass felt all wet and soggy,
how I didn't care because I wanted my pictures outside under the lit gazebo.

I can't wait to start working on these two new projects!
For all you good scrapbookers out there,
what's your favorite and most used tool and why?
I need all the help I can get!

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