30 April 2011

Uppity - is that even a word??

Thank you for the overwhelming support
from you all! ;)

And I promise that those sad kind of posts won't be regular.
I like being uppity,
therefore uppity I will be ;)

After I posted that, Andrew and I had a long talk,
full of tears and love and I felt so much better.
I love having my best friend also be my husband ;)
I mean, truly, I would be so lost without him as my rock.

I'm also extrememly glad that even if we haven't been
very long,
we have a very mature relationship.
After all, we're coming up on our 4 year anniversary of dating.
Which is crazy by the way!
But also so fun!

Now I need some assistance lovelies:

I have a friend of mine that got married before me,
but didn't know her husband for very long.
(something like 6 weeks or so)
And so, as is normal,
she's now learning all the things she thought she already knew.
She'll ask me what to do,
since Andrew and I are already passed that stage.
I've told her to stand up for what she wants.
Let's just say that hubby hasn't ever left home
and he's 24.....just sayin.
She's just frustrated with her in-laws always in their business,
and he doesn't see that as an issue.
I need suggestions, I'm no expert in this.
My in-laws are great, don't have any issues with them.
Please, if you have ANY ideas comment below!

I want her to feel uppity and not sad anymore ;)
Oh and again, if anyone wants to be the first
to blog on the cooking blog
see the previous post!!
And email me!
I wanna get this started soon ;) ;)


  1. Just going to point out that uppity is a word, but not used in the sense you're using it. Being uppity is like being presumptuous.

    But I am glad you are feeling better!

    As far as your friend goes she's right for wanting her husband to sever ties. Refer to Genesis 2:24. Have her talk to her husband about growing together being synonymous to growing apart from his parents. Sometimes it can be helpful (if money and schooling allows) to move away - get some distance from both his and her parents so they are better able to create their own family identity. (I am not speaking from experience, just from what we've discussed in some of my marriage and family classes.)

  2. Ok so this is Sydney. Can't fully login from my phone but can comment as a guest(just now figuring this out haha) anywho...okay about your friends issue, I kind of laughed(sorry) but my sister in law call it cutting the ubilical cord. Jacob is the baby of 6(4 of them boys) Jacob is like his brother KC and both had a hard time adjusting to listening to your wife more and doing things independently more often and just learning to say no to their parents or remembering they have a new family now(them and their wife not them and mom,dad and siblings)It is sadly a rough road and takes time, lots of time, Jacob and I have been married almost 4 years together for almost 7 and still come across the issue of me having to remind him of these things. I was also going to reference the verse from Genesis about Man leaving his mother and father and cleaving unto his wife. She does need to stand her ground but also not over push him and cause resentment, if that makes sense.

  3. Ps...apparently it did let me login whoo hoo!


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