08 April 2011

Shine Project Link up!

Ok so I have this amazing cousin Ashley.
And she has taken the world by storm with her
New Year's Resolution
and her inspirational blog.

Her goal is to enrich others lives,
and help them SHINE.
I did a previous post about her here
and that was before she got so many followers
and such great support!

She has weekly challenges to help inspire us to do better
for ourselves and other people.
As well as some charm necklaces that help remind us
of our pledge to Shine to others around us and
infect them with our smiles and rays of sunshine!

This week was Spring Cleaning!
And to donate it to a charity, or anyone that you knew needed it.

I wish I looked like this when I cleaned sheesh!
I had been needing to clean out my closets anyways,
cuz they are so stuffed!
So this was a perfect opportunity to help out!
Also, even better, is that my Disney Store that I work for
is doing a donation drive for a local charity
through my church!
I was so excited that the weekly challenge
was in correspondence with
my life and work!

So I have doanted a huge box of stuff:
some little toys,
and a bunch of stuff.

I have never felt so good!
Helping others as well as making my apartment
that much more clean and organized
has helped me feel re-energized
and refreshed.

Here's her button to link up
and join the SHINE!!!


Loves to you all and I hope your weekend is

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