14 April 2011

My first award!!!

I have received my first blog award!!
This is like a huge deal!!
Kari from Know-It-Not-So-Much

So I'm to tell you 7 things about myself
and pass it along to 15 other bloggers.

So to start:

I am still afraid of the dark.
Yes it's true.
A 22-year old woman is still afraid of the dark.
Deal with it ;)

I am a self-proclaimed Disney Freak.
In fact, Andrew and I were discussing
whenever we get a crossover car
(that will be my car)
my license plate will be something like
with stickers all over the back too of course ;)

I am baby hungry.
Yep, it's true.
My friends have all had babies now
(or currently "baking")
and everytime I see the little ones,
I just love and want to steal them ;)

I am fiercely shy when I first meet you.
Like, I won't even make eye contact if I can manage it.
Now after I get to know you,
you're stuck with the obnoxious loud me ;)

I have many regrets in life.
So many it's hard to count.
So I have decided to stop living like that.
Stop compromising on everything.
(Of course I'll still compromise on things,
but not everything like I always do)
I love the saying from RENT
"No other road, no other way,
no day but today".

I love weird shows.
Like Law and Order: SVU
and Criminal Minds.
I even thought about doing that as a career,
but let's be honest,
a girl that's afraid of the dark probably shouldn't be dealing
with that kind of stuff.
Plus it's good on TV but not in real life.
Ya know what I mean?

I plan to retire with Andrew in my dream house,
in a countryside but close enough to a city for him to be sane.
Like this:

And yes complete with American flag
on the lawn hahahaha

I'm not gonna tag 15 bloggers,
but I think everyone should get this award!
So at least these people:

Courtney at Musings of a Marvelous Me
Mama Jill at Lots of Jewels' Blog
Ashley at The Shine Project
Charity at College Life

And really everyone else that wants to!!
You guys are the best!!


  1. Love reading it! haha I guess I should go post a blog now. XD

    And not ALL of your friends have kids or are "baking". ;D Some day, but not yet. hehe

  2. You're too cute! So glad to have given you your first award! You deserve it.

  3. Congrats on your award; this is a really cute blog! I love all of those 'weird' shows too. My favorite is Criminal Minds, with Law and Order SVU being a close second. Spencer is too cute for words!

    Visiting and now following from the Weekend Wander, have a great weekend!


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