09 April 2011


Ok so we live in an apartment complex.
And it has laundry rooms.
But it costs about $3 a load!!!
Heck to the no!

So we do laundry at my parents house,
and on occasion at his parents.
I love that we get to cuz then we get to see everybody,
but at the same time,
having to transport all my laundry 15-20 minutes a time
is sometimes annoying.

So I'm hoping that soon we can get our own
washer/dryer so that we can do laundry at our own place.
Ideally, this would be my choice:

So maybe for a Christmas/birthday/anniversary/
any-other-holiday-I-can-think-of present??
Or if anyone has an extra one,
or one you don't want
I'll gladly take it off your hands!!

Just a little something from me while I'm doing laundry
and thinking and dreaming hahahaha

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  1. Hi Ali - I'm popping by from FTLOB!

    Ugh, not having a laundry machine in your house/flat is such a bummer! I'm so happy that we have one now... makes life so much easier :) Still I'm sure it's it is a great opportunity to visit the fam!



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