12 April 2011

Latest project!

Ok so I saw this tutorial here
Thank you Craftaholics Anonymous!

I added my own twist on it cuz I didn't have
crepe paper hanging around,
so I used folded up paper instead.

I also didn't have twine....
so I used ribbon ;)

So you start with paper cut into triangles:

Then cut some other paper into circles.
Sized like a grapefruit,
or which ever size you wish.

Andrew and I love music,
so that's why I used music as our circles ;)
Hot glue to the triangles.

Then map out your letters.
I used our last name
along with hearts on opposite ends.
Cut them into circles just smaller than your previous one.
Then take some extra paper,
and fold it into as tiny a piece as you can,
then hot glue it to the circle and letter,
to make it pop off the triangle ;)

After it dries, you can use twine,
or in my case ribbon,
and hole punch the top of the triangles.
Only 2 holes and thread the ribbon/twine
through each triangle.

Space it out as you wish
(I had to do it once it was on the wall cuz
I'm not very good at all this yet hahahaha)

And voila!!
It looks kinda puny in this picture
but I promise it's bigger than it looks.

I absolutely love it!!
And it was super easy!

What have you been working on lately??

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