25 April 2011

Just wondering

Ok so I've been thinking of starting up a cooking blog
for the summertime!

I love getting new recipes and trying them out!
So if I start up the other one,
who else would want to contribute to it?
I'd want to do guest posts,
and try out new things together with you all.

If I get enough people that like it,
and such then maybe I'll keep it all the time ;)

What do you think?


  1. I'd LOVE to read a cooking blog! During the summer when I have a lot more free time, I love love love to cook! A recipe blog would be awesome because I'm sick of the 80s cookbooks my Mom has in the house, but I HATE browsing through the online cookbooks too...

  2. A cooking blog would be fun! I love cooking *(i'm married to a chef)*. You could do all kinds of things you could do with a cooking blog - vlogs, guest posts! Do it!



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