06 April 2011

Hunger Games cast

Ok so I saw this a couple days ago,
and I'm not sure I'm ok with it.

Now let me start by saying that I LOVE
the girl they cast as Katniss

If you saw Winter's Bone, then you saw
Jennifer Lawrence.
I think she's perfect and pretty much how I imagined Katniss.

But the boys:

They picked these boys for Peeta and Gale.
In that order.
The gorgeous one is Gale......
and the small child actor is Peeta.

Did I miss something??
I was pretty sure that Peeta isn't a small child,
and he's blonde no?
I'm not sure I can accept these boys in their roles.
Honestly, I was hoping
the director and casting people would be true to the book.
I know, silly me.
Apparently, Josh Hutcherson
(small child actor playing Peeta)
actively petitioned for this role.
I really don't like that.
He shouldn't've gotten the part just because he
wanted it so badly.
He needs to fit the part.
Check him out in
Bridge to Terebinthia and Zathura,
and see if that's who you want your Peeta to be.....

(P.S. check out the teaser of Kristen Stewart
in Zathura?)

Thoughts anyone??


  1. I am in complete agreement with you. When I saw that Hutcherson was even being considered I was disappointed. I must say I'm not really looking forward to the movie anymore. :(

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  3. I am sad they are making a movie period. Movies tend to ruin books for me. :P BUT, I really don't know either of these boys... but I think the picture of "Peeta" is cuter than "Gale." And yeah, he's supposed to be blonde, but I'll happily take cute. :P

  4. I love a good book movie, but I'm not so sure about the cast either. I pictured both of the guys quite different. I think I'm just getting old.

    I'll still see the movie though. :)

  5. I thought the girl in true grit would have been a better Katniss, she was what i had in my mind- so overall i am very disappointed in the casting, i just have to remember that just because i have seen someone in one role, it does not mean that they cannot do another. (I hope)


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