19 April 2011

Hello lovelies!

Sorry it's been a couple days.

I've been working on another blog for the youth theatre
I'm involved with.

Which I didn't even think would take so much time,
but man......
it does.

Let me tell you that I am so excited about the fact
there is only 5 Mondays left til I'm done with school!
I'm so happy about that!

I can't tell you how stressed out I've been
getting as the year winds down.
Gotta make sure the kids know how to pass the test,
without teaching to the test.
It's super tough.
I know, some people think it can't be that hard,
but when it's test made for English speakers,
and my kids are ELD.
(English Language Development)
Meaning English is their second language.

And the directions are confusing.
Here's an example:
"Listen to me use the word 'green': 'The grass is green.'
Here is another word 'jump': 'I like to jump rope.'
Your turn to use a word 'rabbit'."

This is the worst one for my kids.
Having to make a sentence from random words.
Like "arranged", "confused", etc.
I feel like this is the worst test ever.

But enough about that!

I want to do so many things over the summer.
I'll have so much time to myself
I want to really learn how to craft things.
Anything really.

I want to continue making our little apartment more
like a home now that I'll be home to keep it clean too
hahahahahaha ;)

What are your plans for summer??

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