05 April 2011

Guest post 2!

The second girl I'm featuring here
is Susanne from Every Memory of Looking Out the Back Door!

Susanne and I met through the blog world
and she wanted to share her story with you!

Take it away Susanne!

Hello everyone, I am Susanne, a high school student
who blogs over here at kegle99.
The blog name comes from a Danish word "kegle"
that says a person is stupid and "99" that takes a part
of the game of my life- ice hockey.
I have been watching and loving it since I was a baby and...well,
that's a different story.
I won't bother you with it, nor how to pronounce my blog's name
correctly :)

I am from the Czech Republic, I live in a city called Pardubice,
a hundred kilometers from the capital, Prague.
The city population is about 90,000.
The city is well-known for ice-hockey
(5 times Czech champions),
speed raceway called "Golden Helmet"
and the Velka Parduicke steeplechase - a horse race with over 120 years of history.
You can find some nice picutres here,
it's mostly the castle and the Pernstynske square
in the center.

I blog about my everyday life and everything that inpires me.
Have you ever realized how much everything
around us changes us?
It really does, I don't think it's just me
that wants to change something all the time.

I've been blogging since I was eleven or so
and as such I have some tips I'd like to share:
-don't blog if you don't feel like blogging.
Take a break if you feel sad/bad that day,
it's just that much better.
-visit other blogs and flollow them
-post comments, if you just follow a blog and never speak,
followers won't follow you. :)
-read your writings one more time before you post it.
It'll help you see whether you really want to post it.
-don't take blogging too seriously.
In general, letting your internet life take over your real life is never a good sign.

So this is my little footprint onto Ali's blog!
Hope you enjoyed reading and will come visit me
at my blog!

Thanks so much Susanne for your post!
I love meeting new people
and again,
if anyone is interested in doing a guest post,
email me here:

abowler.88 {at} gmail {dot} com

Loves to you all!

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