08 April 2011

Disney's "Tangled" Post 2!

Ok I already raved about this movie here
and seeing as it's the most viewed page,
I'm guessing people really like this movie.

So I'm writing about it again ;)

Mother Gothel with the magic flower,
that Rapunzel's mom ends up neding to live,
thereofre passing its magic abilities to
Rapunzel's hair ;)

Pascal, Rapunzel's chameleon

The "love" of a mother

Trying on her crown,
without realizing it's hers.
Or what it is exactly.

Good old Flynn ;)
So cool!
He's hilarious and SUPER cute!

Wouldn't you roll in the grass if it was your frist time
ever outside?!

Running from the guards ;)

Rapunzel healing Flynn
The bloodhound horse ;)

My favorite part of the movie!
The lanterns!
Rapunzel's parents light one every year
on her birthday hoping that one day she'll return to them.
So gorgeous!

I love the ending!
Of course I won't completely spoil it here!
But the picture does give a hint ;)
If you haven't seen it,

If you like Disney, princesses, adventures,
humor, etc.
You'll love Tangled ;)

Oh and BTW, I got all these pictures from Google.
Just searched them and got them.
AND Zachary Levi is even more attractive now that
I know he sings and dances too!

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  1. I absolutely love this movie! My new favorite princess movie!


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