02 April 2011

Cleaning out the closets! For real!

I finally got to cleaning the closets!
Well, 2 out of the 3 anyway ;)
I'm still working on the bedroom one,
it's gonna take awhile.

So first, the linen closet:

I know it doesn't look a whole lot better,
but trust me it is.
We organized the games,
folded most of the towels,
and got rid of a few unwanted things ;)

And the front closet:

Oh man I'm so happy that I finally organized this!
I threw away a bunch of broken bags,
tissue paper, and a bunch of other trash.
I mean just look at it!!
It's beautiful!
And if we didn't live in Arizona,
I might've actually made it into a coat closet.
But alas, summer lasts for 9 months out of the 12 here
hahahahahahaha ;)

Once Andrew and I finally are able to get
through the bedroom closet,
I'll post the after picture of that.

I hope this helps motivate you
to clean out any closets,
be it literal or figurative. ;)

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