01 April 2011

The beauties of Netflix

So you may recall that for our wedding,
we got a Wii

Yes this beauty of a console ;)

And now it's even better,
thanks to my in-laws,
with this:

So now when I come home,
my hubby and I make popcorn:

And watch some of our favorite shows together ;)

Like Law and Order: SVU

I LOVE this show,
don't ask me why but I truly do.
I find it fascinating ;)

Phineas and Ferb:

Hallelujah for innocent Disney fun!
We love this show of imagination,
and making everyday the best day ever!

Andrew's personal favorite:

Now I like this show too,
but Andrew thinks it's the most hilarious thing ever.
He's so cute when he watches it too,
giggling at the little quirks,
very entertaining.

We're hoping to get Tron: Legacy
from them when it comes out ;)
I'm dying to see it!!!

1 comment:

  1. We are big Netflix-ers too! I use it everyday because half the time I watch tv while I nurse Valette. We like Lie to Me, and I watch Bones, Numbers, random movies that I find....and in the mail I wait for Castle and Mentalist.


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