30 April 2011

Uppity - is that even a word??

Thank you for the overwhelming support
from you all! ;)

And I promise that those sad kind of posts won't be regular.
I like being uppity,
therefore uppity I will be ;)

After I posted that, Andrew and I had a long talk,
full of tears and love and I felt so much better.
I love having my best friend also be my husband ;)
I mean, truly, I would be so lost without him as my rock.

I'm also extrememly glad that even if we haven't been
very long,
we have a very mature relationship.
After all, we're coming up on our 4 year anniversary of dating.
Which is crazy by the way!
But also so fun!

Now I need some assistance lovelies:

I have a friend of mine that got married before me,
but didn't know her husband for very long.
(something like 6 weeks or so)
And so, as is normal,
she's now learning all the things she thought she already knew.
She'll ask me what to do,
since Andrew and I are already passed that stage.
I've told her to stand up for what she wants.
Let's just say that hubby hasn't ever left home
and he's 24.....just sayin.
She's just frustrated with her in-laws always in their business,
and he doesn't see that as an issue.
I need suggestions, I'm no expert in this.
My in-laws are great, don't have any issues with them.
Please, if you have ANY ideas comment below!

I want her to feel uppity and not sad anymore ;)
Oh and again, if anyone wants to be the first
to blog on the cooking blog
see the previous post!!
And email me!
I wanna get this started soon ;) ;)

29 April 2011

Cooking Blog!

Hello my lovelies!
So I've been getting the cooking blog ready!
I think it's gonna be so great!!

Here's a sneak peek of the look:

Do you like it???
I think it's kinda cute ;)

So who wants to be the first one to post over there??
I want anyone and everyone to participate!

Here's what I had in mind for posts:
- Have a recipe
- Be willing to document with pictures if you can.
(makes things more fun and easy)
- The recipe can be anything.
Literally, anything.
Main dish, dessert, salad, etc.
Whatever you love making I want to learn ;)
- and just have fun with it!
I love fun people and getting to know you all!

So email me here if you're interested:

abowler.88 {at} gmail {dot} com

I'm so excited about this!!
I hope everyone else is as excited as I am
(or at least is willing to pretend to be hahahaha)

27 April 2011


I hate to get all down-in-the-dumps
but right now I just need to
for a brief moment.

I'm tired of either being at work all day or at home doing nothing.
If I was at home being able to craft,
or plan, or have people over it'd be different.

Now I know this kinda conflicts with my desire
of being a stay-at-home wife/mother.
But if you think about it,
if I was able to be home all the time,
I could actually DO some of the things
I keep putting on a list
"that I'll do later".
But right now all I've been able to do
is a little bit of this and that.

Plus I really want a baby....
I know.
People think I'm crazy cuz we just got married in December.
But really, I'll be 23 this year,
and I've been wanting a child for a long time.
I love my little Sunbeams and my kinders,
but I want my own.

I also want some friends.
Some real, flesh and blood friends.
Married or single doesn't matter really,
I just want a friend...
(I'm sorry but books and fictional characters
only get me so far.)
I get lonely while Andrew is out,
and I miss the social interaction and
getting close to someone.
I miss knowing that I have someone I can count on.
I also fear rejection,
so I'm not one to throw myself out there in the world.
Which I know you basically have to do
now in this world to meet anyone.

So I will now jump off my soapbox,
and continue with some other happier posts later on.

25 April 2011

Just wondering

Ok so I've been thinking of starting up a cooking blog
for the summertime!

I love getting new recipes and trying them out!
So if I start up the other one,
who else would want to contribute to it?
I'd want to do guest posts,
and try out new things together with you all.

If I get enough people that like it,
and such then maybe I'll keep it all the time ;)

What do you think?

23 April 2011

Easter Holiday

As tomorrow is Easter,
I want to talk about the real reason for this holiday.
As much as I love me a good chocolate bunny,
I love the true reason for the season much more.

Jesus Christ is the Savior of the World.
He came here to save us from our sins.
He suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane,
and on the cross.
He was mocked, tortured, and hung up for the world to see.

Three days after they crucified Him,
He rose from the tomb!
A resurrected being, perfect, and whole.
He came back to His apostles to help them to keep going without Him.

After He left Jerusalem,
He visited the Americas
for as He said "other sheep I have which are not of this fold",
meaning those faithful in other parts of the world.

Some say He was just a man.
A very influential man,
but just a man.
This is not so.
He is our Elder Brother, our greatest ally,
our Savior.

I know He suffered for me,
and now it's my job to repent of my mistakes,
to live the way He wants me to
so I can live with Him again.

As you gather with your family this Easter Sunday,
pray with them for this crazy world we love in.
This world is not going to get any better unless we do something about it!
Prayer has always been the most powerful thing in the world.

For more info on what I believe in,
and just some really comforting things
here's the website on Mormons,
the official church website,
and the YouTube channel.

Happy Easter everyone!

22 April 2011

Never Gets Old!

You know when you find those amazing movies
that no matter how many times you watch them
they never get old??

The funny parts are still hilarious,
or the romance still gives you butterflies,
but it always makes you feel good after watching it?

Andrew and I have 2 standby movies
that we always watch.


I mean, really.
This movie is freakin hilarious!
And has such a great moral:
"A person's a person. No matter how small."
If we have a hard time deciding what to watch,
Horton gets put in. ;)


Like I said before,
this is the last movie Andrew and I watched before he left
on his mission 3 years ago,
so we LOVE IT!
Plus it's also stinkin hilarious!
And I'm so NOT a Jack Black fan,
but he cracks me up in this movie
(oh and The Holiday too!)

What are your go-to movies??

Oh! And if anyone else wants to contribute to the
recipe book, email me!

abowler.88 {at} gmail {dot} com!

21 April 2011

What I Love Wednesday

So every Wednesday my mom, grandma, and I
do a lunch date ;)
(and I usually have to throw in a load of laundry too hahaha)

I love getting to spend time with them
and just chatting.

After my mom and I left my grandparents
house, we went back to our house.
And we ate cookie dough,
and chatted some more.

Then I asked about our wedding book,
and if there had been some work on it yet,
and my mom had forgotten that she'd even had it

So I have now taken over since
over the summer I wanted to get more crafty,
I figure my Disneyland scrapbook
and my wedding scrapbook is a good place to start ;)

I started organizing pictures
last night of all my Disney adventures
while I was living there
and man SOOO many memories came flooding back ;)
Great memories too ;)

Then I looked at the pictures from our wedding day.
Now, that day was a really big blur,
but I remember getting married,
eating Taco Bell after we left the temple,
the rain/rainbow,
dancing under the stars with my now husband,
and my daddy/daughter dance.

Looking at the photos though it's even better ;)
I started to remember some little things,
like how the flowers smelled,
how the grass felt all wet and soggy,
how I didn't care because I wanted my pictures outside under the lit gazebo.

I can't wait to start working on these two new projects!
For all you good scrapbookers out there,
what's your favorite and most used tool and why?
I need all the help I can get!

19 April 2011

Hello lovelies!

Sorry it's been a couple days.

I've been working on another blog for the youth theatre
I'm involved with.

Which I didn't even think would take so much time,
but man......
it does.

Let me tell you that I am so excited about the fact
there is only 5 Mondays left til I'm done with school!
I'm so happy about that!

I can't tell you how stressed out I've been
getting as the year winds down.
Gotta make sure the kids know how to pass the test,
without teaching to the test.
It's super tough.
I know, some people think it can't be that hard,
but when it's test made for English speakers,
and my kids are ELD.
(English Language Development)
Meaning English is their second language.

And the directions are confusing.
Here's an example:
"Listen to me use the word 'green': 'The grass is green.'
Here is another word 'jump': 'I like to jump rope.'
Your turn to use a word 'rabbit'."

This is the worst one for my kids.
Having to make a sentence from random words.
Like "arranged", "confused", etc.
I feel like this is the worst test ever.

But enough about that!

I want to do so many things over the summer.
I'll have so much time to myself
I want to really learn how to craft things.
Anything really.

I want to continue making our little apartment more
like a home now that I'll be home to keep it clean too
hahahahahaha ;)

What are your plans for summer??

16 April 2011

I need opinions!

I have decided that this summer,
I'm gonna rediscover my cooking roots.
And my baking roots.

Now I have a few recipes that I know how to do
pretty well,
and they're very simple.

But I want to expand my knowledge:
I wanna learn how to make cinnamon rolls,
how to make certain soups,
perfect my potao salad,
make my mom's macaroni salad,

So my lovely readers,
I would like your assistance if you would please ;)

Leave me a comment or email me
a link or a recipe I should try.
Simple is better BTW cuz I'm a beginner here.

But even a hard recipe with good instructions is great!
I might even turn all the recipes
into a book for all of us ;)
Then we could all be cool and learn new things no??

So please give me some good recipes!!


abowler.88 {at} gmail {dot} com

or comment!!

Loves ;)

P.S. Look at what I found on the internet!
I'm SOOO trying this out!


15 April 2011

Shine Project Link Up 2!

Ok so this week Ashley wanted us to do a
previous challenge that we hadn't completed already.

And I'll be honest, I'm awful.
I try to do them cuz they're wonderful but
I get discouraged and such,
BUT I did one this week!!

I went out and "met my neighbor".
Although I kinda cheated,
I already knew Lori kinda,
after all we used her and her husband as a referral for our apartment,
but now we're finally having them over for dinner!
And actually getting to know them ;)

I'm pretty proud of myself.

Like I said in the previous post,
I'm dreadfully shy,
so this is a big step for me.

I'm actually super excited about it too ;)
I love making new friends,
I'm just bad at it hahahahaha

So come Sunday, I'll be more aquainted with
Lori and Adam
and who knows??
Maybe a really good friendship will spring from this ;)

Thanks Ash for making me do this!

14 April 2011

My first award!!!

I have received my first blog award!!
This is like a huge deal!!
Kari from Know-It-Not-So-Much

So I'm to tell you 7 things about myself
and pass it along to 15 other bloggers.

So to start:

I am still afraid of the dark.
Yes it's true.
A 22-year old woman is still afraid of the dark.
Deal with it ;)

I am a self-proclaimed Disney Freak.
In fact, Andrew and I were discussing
whenever we get a crossover car
(that will be my car)
my license plate will be something like
with stickers all over the back too of course ;)

I am baby hungry.
Yep, it's true.
My friends have all had babies now
(or currently "baking")
and everytime I see the little ones,
I just love and want to steal them ;)

I am fiercely shy when I first meet you.
Like, I won't even make eye contact if I can manage it.
Now after I get to know you,
you're stuck with the obnoxious loud me ;)

I have many regrets in life.
So many it's hard to count.
So I have decided to stop living like that.
Stop compromising on everything.
(Of course I'll still compromise on things,
but not everything like I always do)
I love the saying from RENT
"No other road, no other way,
no day but today".

I love weird shows.
Like Law and Order: SVU
and Criminal Minds.
I even thought about doing that as a career,
but let's be honest,
a girl that's afraid of the dark probably shouldn't be dealing
with that kind of stuff.
Plus it's good on TV but not in real life.
Ya know what I mean?

I plan to retire with Andrew in my dream house,
in a countryside but close enough to a city for him to be sane.
Like this:

And yes complete with American flag
on the lawn hahahaha

I'm not gonna tag 15 bloggers,
but I think everyone should get this award!
So at least these people:

Courtney at Musings of a Marvelous Me
Mama Jill at Lots of Jewels' Blog
Ashley at The Shine Project
Charity at College Life

And really everyone else that wants to!!
You guys are the best!!

12 April 2011

Latest project!

Ok so I saw this tutorial here
Thank you Craftaholics Anonymous!

I added my own twist on it cuz I didn't have
crepe paper hanging around,
so I used folded up paper instead.

I also didn't have twine....
so I used ribbon ;)

So you start with paper cut into triangles:

Then cut some other paper into circles.
Sized like a grapefruit,
or which ever size you wish.

Andrew and I love music,
so that's why I used music as our circles ;)
Hot glue to the triangles.

Then map out your letters.
I used our last name
along with hearts on opposite ends.
Cut them into circles just smaller than your previous one.
Then take some extra paper,
and fold it into as tiny a piece as you can,
then hot glue it to the circle and letter,
to make it pop off the triangle ;)

After it dries, you can use twine,
or in my case ribbon,
and hole punch the top of the triangles.
Only 2 holes and thread the ribbon/twine
through each triangle.

Space it out as you wish
(I had to do it once it was on the wall cuz
I'm not very good at all this yet hahahaha)

And voila!!
It looks kinda puny in this picture
but I promise it's bigger than it looks.

I absolutely love it!!
And it was super easy!

What have you been working on lately??

11 April 2011

What happens when I'm left alone

Ok so my husband usually works nights.
Which means I'm alone at home,
and this happens:

I bought 120 crayons,
printed a ton of pictures off the printer,
and it's so relaxing ;)

I love my Disney pictures ;)
I can't draw to save my life,
but I think coloring I pretty much got covered

What happens when you're left alone??

Summer here I come!

Can I just say HALLELUJAH!

6 weeks and then school's out for me!
Summer vacation!
Not being so exhausted,
not having to deal with unnecessary drama,

The only sad thing
is not being able to see my kids everyday.
They are so precious and I love them so much.

But honestly,
I'm more than ready for this year to be over.
It's definitely time,
and we're all feeling it.

But at least it's only 6 weeks away!!

Just something to brighten your dreary Monday!

10 April 2011


So I'm a huge movie freak.
I mean HUGE.
Dad was a film major kind of huge ;)

Have you seen what's coming out just this summer??
3 superhero movies,
2 Disney movies,
and 1 amazing Dreamworks one.


So to start,
Kung Fu Panda 2 on May 26th!

Ahhhhh!! I'm so stoked for this!
Andrew and I loved the first one
and we have been watching for this for awhile.
The first one was the last movie
we saw together before he left on his mission,
so it's always special to us ;)

On May 6th,

Andrew is more excited for this than I am.
Let's just say that after the first 30 times
of it's trailer on my loop at the store,
I was turned off it.
But who knows?
Maybe it'll be better than it looks??

On May 20th,
Pirates of the Caribbean:
On Stranger Tides

Now, I'll be honest,
we probably won't see this one.
I feel like it should have stopped after the 2nd one.
They just get weirder and I'm not likin the plots anymore.
So I don't know, maybe if someone else pays we'll go.

June 17
The Green Lantern!

Oh my gosh!!!
Andrew and I are so freaking excited about this!!
When we saw Harry Potter at midnight,
this was one of the previews and we were
geeking out the entire time!
My dad has since made fun of us for it.
But I'm super excited!!!

On June 24th,
Cars 2

I think it's gonna be super cute!
I love Mater and McQueen
and they're back!
And they're being trained as spies.
I know, it sounds dumb,
but what I've seen looks way cute!

July 22
Captain America:
The First Avenger

Again, Andrew's more excited for this than me.
I'm not a huge Marvel fan,
more of a DC girl
(Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, etc)
and the fact that this actor has alsready been used
in the Marvel universe as Johnny Storm,
just irks me beyond belief.
What happens if they ever happen to,
in some crazy twist of fate,
end up in the same movie???
He can't really play across from himself now can he?
Plus I was hoping they would use an
"unknown actor" for him like they've had a tendency to do.
Oh well.
Maybe it'll be good??

And finally,
I have to end with my predicted failure of the summer:
July 29th
Cowboys VS Aliens

Now I don't know who thought this was a good idea...
They shouldn't be allowed to make movies anymore,
or at least come up with a better title.
I mean, really??
Who comes up with a title like that??
My kindergarteners are more creative!
And it's sad that these actors have stooped
to this level......
I shudder to think about it.

I'm so excited for these movies
I'm imagining a summer
full of fun dates to the theatre ;)
Anyone else wanna do a lunch date over the summer??
Movie and lunch?
(cheaper than dinner hahahahahaha)

09 April 2011


Ok so we live in an apartment complex.
And it has laundry rooms.
But it costs about $3 a load!!!
Heck to the no!

So we do laundry at my parents house,
and on occasion at his parents.
I love that we get to cuz then we get to see everybody,
but at the same time,
having to transport all my laundry 15-20 minutes a time
is sometimes annoying.

So I'm hoping that soon we can get our own
washer/dryer so that we can do laundry at our own place.
Ideally, this would be my choice:

So maybe for a Christmas/birthday/anniversary/
any-other-holiday-I-can-think-of present??
Or if anyone has an extra one,
or one you don't want
I'll gladly take it off your hands!!

Just a little something from me while I'm doing laundry
and thinking and dreaming hahahaha

08 April 2011

Disney's "Tangled" Post 2!

Ok I already raved about this movie here
and seeing as it's the most viewed page,
I'm guessing people really like this movie.

So I'm writing about it again ;)

Mother Gothel with the magic flower,
that Rapunzel's mom ends up neding to live,
thereofre passing its magic abilities to
Rapunzel's hair ;)

Pascal, Rapunzel's chameleon

The "love" of a mother

Trying on her crown,
without realizing it's hers.
Or what it is exactly.

Good old Flynn ;)
So cool!
He's hilarious and SUPER cute!

Wouldn't you roll in the grass if it was your frist time
ever outside?!

Running from the guards ;)

Rapunzel healing Flynn
The bloodhound horse ;)

My favorite part of the movie!
The lanterns!
Rapunzel's parents light one every year
on her birthday hoping that one day she'll return to them.
So gorgeous!

I love the ending!
Of course I won't completely spoil it here!
But the picture does give a hint ;)
If you haven't seen it,

If you like Disney, princesses, adventures,
humor, etc.
You'll love Tangled ;)

Oh and BTW, I got all these pictures from Google.
Just searched them and got them.
AND Zachary Levi is even more attractive now that
I know he sings and dances too!