10 March 2011

"Thirsty Thursday"

So over at FTLOB, they have this
"Thirsty Thursday"

A feature about the drinks you can make yourself,
and such.

I don't drink alcohol,
and I'm a dummy with a blender,
BUT I'll show you my favorite happy drinks
that I get when I need a pick me up ;)

First off,
A cherry limeade from Sonic:

Oh man can I just say heaven?!
I love the limeades but I prefer the cherry one over
the strawberry one.
Just absolute delish.

The ever amazing,
Jamba Juice:

I love this smoothie place.
I have a few favorites:
Aloha Pineapple, Strawberries Wild,
Razzmatazz, Orange Dream Machine, etc.
I know people have been saying that it's super unhealthy
and whatnot,
well it doesn't change how amazing it tastes
when you've had a really rough day and need a pick me up ;)
I will continue drinking you my Jamba ;)

My absolute favorite,
Dr. P:

And yes I look just like that when I drink mine
out of my fridge in my apartment
in my pajamas hahahahahaha
My husband and I love Dr. Pepper.
We always have it in the house cuz we are just that cool.

What are your happy drinks??
And if you have easy-to-make things,
PLEASE send me the recipe to my email!
abowler.88 {at} gmail {dot} com!


  1. Oh my gosh! I love a cherry Limeade from Sonic (the ice makes all the difference because when you try to get one somewhere else, they are never as good)! Your blog is super cute!

  2. I LOVE SMOOTHIES!!! We make them at home all the time…but they are never the same.

    Im here from FTLOB! CHEERS!

  3. oh another home sick moment in a matter of give minutes. I love sonics cherry limeade. Dr P is a fave here too.No sonics in Germany

  4. OOOOO JAMBA!!! I only find Jamba Juice in NYC but I am addicted to their smoothies when I am there! So good!!

    Kym @ http://travel-babbles.com

  5. I love all of these drinks! Cherry Limeades are my fave too! Hope you have a great weekend. ♥ BJ

  6. I'd love a Cherry Limeade from Sonic! Yumm! I wish they had a Sonic by me so I could have one right now!
    Hopped over from FTOB! Hope you had a great day!


  7. Oh, you and me both girl! Love me some Sonic cherry limeade, and miss it like crazy right now. No Sonics in Germany :( haha. Happy Thirsty Thursdays...even if I am a little late!

  8. You know when I was in Hawaii recently I got to try a Jamba Juice for the first time and it was out of this world. We don't have them here in the city I live in here in Canada. We started going every day!! So bad yet so good!! Great site you have here. Keep up the great writing.


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