12 March 2011

Spring Break!!!!

I cannot tell you how much I need this vacation!
Oh so very very much!

Now unfortunately this means that I will
not be able to post for a week at least!

BUT when I get back, I'll have lots of fun adventures
to share with you all!

I cannot wait to have some quality time
with my husband.
Our 7 hour drive to California will be so nice,
we can just chat the whole way
and make all sorts of plans,
most of which will probably never happen ,
BUT we will make them regardless!
We'll be able to spend some real time together.
Instead of only moments in between jobs, school,
and sleep hahahahahaha

And of course, we shall be listening to Disney music!
Gotta get in the mood after all ;)

So for now, my lovely ones,
fare thee well!
And enjoy your Spring Break for those that have it,
and of not, enjoy it anyway!!!



  1. Have fun and drive safe!!
    Where are you guys staying?
    Im sooo jealous hopefully i'll get to go with my husband sometime soon.
    And when you get back show us your wonderful pictures

  2. Can I just say... I sometimes kinda love to make plans which aren't ever gonna be carried out. It allows you to get a bit crazy but I I also think it's a nice bonding session. There's something quite sweet about it. Enjoy your time away!!

    Just stopping by from FTLOB!

  3. That sounds so wonderful! Enjoy those long road trips before you have a child - once a child gets involved they become a bit more stressful! But of course they are still fun!

    We don't get our vacation until June - I'm already ready for it!

    Stopping by from FTOLOB

  4. have a fantastic fun trip. Day dreaming is a favorite for Paul and I .

  5. I love Disney music - we had a string trio playing Disney songs before our wedding. Have fun on your vacation!

    Visiting from FTLOB :)

  6. Sounds awesome! I want to go lol! Be safe and have a great time! :D

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  8. Lovely blog you have here! I'm visiting from FTLOB. Hope you had a fantastic Friday!


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