19 March 2011

Spring Break pictures!

So basically my Spring Break ROCKED!
Andrew and I had so much fun together ;)

So let me give you the run down:

As we started out Sunday morning:

Yes that's only part of our junk food we had for the trip BTW..

The first sunset we saw at the condo in San Diego:

My husband and my father-in-law are big fans of sunsets.
I have a lot more pictures of them hahahaha

The line as we got to Disneyland on Monday morning!

But totally worth it and fun!

With Morgan on the tram going to Company D

Lucky for us, Morgan was willing to take our picture in front
of the entrance for us ;)

We had to see Captain EO of course!
Micheal Jackson saving the world with his dancing powers ;)

This is right across from where Andrew
officially proposed,
but there was a ton of people there
and we didn't want to wait,
we all knew where it happened hahahaha

Jordan tried to take my Goofy pin on my lanyard....

And I mean REALLY tried hahahaha
But I won!

We had to take a picture of the three of us together ;)
The old Disney Store crew ;)

The second day we ate in DCA and had bread bowls.
My dad especially liked them hahahahaha

My grandmother apparently never taught
him not to play with his food ;)

My brother actually was enjoying himself,
he just likes to pose unhappily.

My cute mom ;)

And now Trevor ponders hahahaha

Aren't we so cute sometimes!

Ok so the last day we were there,
I wanted to see Rapunzel.
I waited in line for over an hour before she even
opened to be sure I got to see her.
Now this wasn't cuz I'm a crazy fan,
it's because I was told 10, when in reality,
she came at 11.
But it didn't matter ;)

See how stinkin cute she is!?
Flynn was late, but we got to wait for him and he signed my map too!
But we didn't get to take a picture with him... :(
oh well ;)

In line for Peter Pan!

Peter Pan is my favorite fantasyland ride and we wait
for it no matter how long ;)

Our family tradition picture on Sapce:

We're gonna send it to Nick so he's feels loved ;)

Andrew saw this in one of the stores and laughed so hard,
he had to take a picture of it ;)

So I trade pins at Disneyland.
Yeah I'm one of those people ;)
So after this trip, Andrew and I took all our pins out
and re-organized them.
Here's what it looked like after taking them all out

It was so much fun organizing them ;)
And yes, I got Andrew a little hooked on trading ;)

So we went to Anthony's Fish Grotto on Thursday,
and I don't do fish.....
like at all,
but they had a teryaki steak that was divine!
But my favorite part was my salad,
on a fish plate.

Awesome right??
Yeah it was delicious.

On Friday,
Andrew, my father-in-law, mother-in-law, and I went
to the Cabrillo Lighthouse.
It was super cool, and fun to see the tidepools,
and watch the ocean crash on the cliffs.

Once we climbed all the way up the freaking mountain,
and got to the actual lighthouse,
I stopped and let Andrew take the camera to document inside
the lighthouse while I strained for breath.
I'm a little out of Disneyland shape,
and therefore completely out of walking uphill shape.

Once we got back to the condo,
we just chilled:

I finished editing a book for a friend,
Andrew is almost done with it too,
we had such a fun time at Disneyland,
spent time with both families,
and enjoyed some us time together.

Overall, I say a pretty good week ;)

Now to deal with these closets....


  1. Sounds like you did have fun! Thanks for stopping by my site & commenting! Hope you'll have your own baby soon. =)

  2. You guys are so much fun! Junk food is a MUST on a trip! It's like oxygen, I need it to survive :) Great photos! Looks like you guys had so much fun!

  3. HI Ali! I'm stopping bye from Comment Love Day at FTLOB! Yours is beautiful and these photos are fabulous and fun! I wish I was there :)


  4. I'm so glad you had such a fun time :-) I get a bit obssessive with getting photos of Disney/Themepark chracters. I may or may not have ran to get a pic of Spiderman to get past all the kids in the line....when I was 19 (my twin was with me too). Biggest disappointment was not getting to the front of the Power Rangers line before they went haha!!


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