03 March 2011

My first flower clip "tutorial"

Ok so it's not very "tutorial" ish cuz it's hard to take pictures
in the midst of it all but
I have some pictures to help describe how to do it.

Super easy!

Ok so you get:
(I got mine from Michael's cuz they give teacher discounts
but any fake flowers will work)
felt pieces,
(again at Michael's for .29 each),
hot glue,
any embellishments,
(jewels and such)
and hair clips from anywhere.

SO first, you cut the flowers down to their stubs.

Hot glue a piece of felt at least
1 inch around, and big enough for the clip to fit on,
to the flower stub.

After you have hot glued the felt to the flower,
simply hot glue the clip to the felt.

Now don't be silly like me and forget to
only glue the ONE side,
open the clip and wait for it to cool
before closing it so it can't accidentally
stick to itself and therefore become unusable.

I ended up putting smaller flowers inside bigger ones on occasion,
to add some "oomph".
Looks pretty good eh?

After 5 hours I had these 9.
(I stopped to take breaks and to wait for things to cool,
no worries, it doesn't actually take that long)

And now I've added the greens and the big orange one,
as well as a purple/white/yellow rose one.

These are all the flowers I still have left to use later on!
I've not been this excited for a project in a long time,
and I have tons more I want to do once summer starts!
If anyone has any questions, or anything's unclear,
please comment and I will answer them!



  1. Thanks so much for visiting by blog and becoming a new follower. I love your cute blog and you and your husband look very sweet!

    I remember the early years, I have been married 25 years!!

    I love this tutorial and I think I am gonna give it a try. I am sure you will look beautiful with them in your hair!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Adorable! Thanks for linking to homeroad!
    Have a great day!

  3. Really cute...love the big daisies! Visiting from Homeroad :) Laurel@chippingwithcharm


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