06 March 2011

MY favorite things to do at the Happiest Place on Earth

Ok so since my family and I are going next week,
I'm making my top list of things to do at Disneyland!
I made a list here of things to do
when you go for the first time,
but this time it'll be my personal favorites ;)

Now of course, it will have some overlaps.
Like Indy:

It's my absolute favorite ride.
I mean of all time!
Hence the hat on my head in this picture.
I took this on Indy's 15th brithday at Disneyland
when I worked there.

Small World:

Yes the song is annoying BUT now there's
Disney characters inside the ride!
Oh yeah, makes it worth it ;)

Space Mountain:

It's become a family tradition to get our picture
on Space Mountain.
Not buying it of course, but at least going a couple times ;)

Build-your-own lightsaber:

Oh how I loathed thee when I worked there!
But I might be building myself yet another lightsaber....
making the grand total 3 hahahahaha
I like Star Wars ok??

Haunted Mansion:

One of my other faves.
I like it more when it's just the regular Haunted Mansion,
not all done up for Halloween/Christmas.
I like either version but I prefer the original.

Peter Pan:

We took this on our way to class one morning
and it's the only time when there's no line,
but I wait regardless of how long it is ;)
It's my favorite Fantasyland ride.

Sleeping Beauty:

I really really hope I see her again.
She's my favorite and I rarely see her,
so it's a goal for me ;)

Pin trading:

My mom got me started when we went for my 21st birthday,
and I've been hooked!
I have a ton of pins now......
a whole book 3/4 full and I can't wait to get more!
Plus trading is just so fun!

Picture taking:

This is where my husband proposed
and I'd like to get a picture
of me and him standing here
rather than my bro.
Not that I don't love him too but ya know.

I loved taking pictures with the PhotoPass people.
They are so funny and creative,
and nice.
The service is free peeps,
and you can view your photos for free
and they can take pictures with your cameras too.
So utilize them.
I plan to ;)

Visit Mickey:

I mean, he is technically still my boss.
So I should probably visit and say hi to him ;)

Splash Mountain:

I'm kinda bummed that this will be under refurb when we go
but oh well.
I like this ride,
even after climbing all the way up there,
and getting soaked,
and getting that annoying song stuck in my head.
This picture was taken my first time on it
hahahahahaha see the terror?


I'm super excited to see my former roomie!
She still works there and we're still good buddies,
I'm excited to hopefully get to spend some time with her!
She's also a PhotoPass photographer, so say hi if you see her!


My favorite show!
I love this so much!
If you haven't seen it, youtube it and then go see it for real.
It's 10x better in person!

Tower of Terror:

My husband doesn't particularly like this ride,
but he's going with me whether he likes it or not

Turtle Talk with Crush:

So hilarious!!
If you loved Crush in the movie Finding Nemo,
he's even better now.
He comes swimming up and answers all your questions
and fun stuff happens too!
It's a must-see in the Animation Studios in DCA.

Beast's Library:

In this part of the Studio,
you can discover who you are as a good guy
or villain.
I've gotten many different responses:
Nala, Mushu, Lady, Ursula, Yzma, etc.

Toy Story Mania:

But only once.
I can only stand in that freakishly long line
one time!
It's always like 45 minutes long......ugh......
so once is good ;)

World of Color:

The new water show in DCA.
It's amazing!
All water, lights, and music.
So good!
Again, youtube it then go see it for real!

So here's my list!
I'm stoked to go for Spring Break
(even though most of the state of Arizona is going that week)
and I can't wait to see everyone!!

P.S. Another happy thing is I get to wear this
all around the park for those 3 days:

Oh yeah and Andrew will be wearing one too ;)


  1. OMG this is fate! I stopped by after you left a comment on my blog. The fact that you had Disneyland as the last post means I must now follow your blog for all eternity! I'm so jealous you're going and even more so that you used to work there. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! I will now spend the day reading your past posts!

  2. I LOVE Disney World though I haven't been there in a LONG time (there was no Studio theme park or Animal Kingdom). But the other rides that you love I love too. The only one you didn't include that is a must for me is Pirates of the Caribbean - love that one!

  3. Just looking at these pictures makes me jealous! I haven't been to Disney in 10 years! I am way over due and now I will have to bring along 4 kids too. :) Found your blog at the comment love blog hop.

  4. Disney is like seriously one of the most magical places ever!

  5. You keep improving your blog and I just love it.
    Hey when you get back. I would love to trade you photography for your help on improving my page. I would love that :)))
    Anyways have fun at Disneyland


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