28 March 2011

Miracles do happen

Even if they aren't always the ones we want at the time.
Ethan passed on to eternity
Saturday morning,
but the miracle was that his entire family
was able to come and say goodbye,
and now they are all here for
each other through this tough time.

Wednesday is his funeral,
and my husband and I will be there,
seeing as they are basically family to us too,
but if you as my readers would please just keep
Ethan's family in your thoughts.
We loved this little boy,
and we know that now he has found all of his friends
that have gone on before him,
and is probably challenging them all in their games.
Ethan was very big on games ;)

Even in the wake of a tragedy,
I have felt the Spirit so strongly
and felt my Savior's love for me
and for the Ellsworth family.
I know that Ethan has moved to a better place,
and now he's free and happy ;)

I know my Heavenly Father loves all of his children,
and knows us by name.
He sees our trials and helps ua in every way,
even if we don't always see it at the time.
Everything happens for a reason,
and Ethan was needed on the other side to help Him
make more miracles ;)

Plus Ethan's mom is curently pregnant,
due in July.
I think Ethan wanted to train his new baby brother
personally ;)

I mean just look at this kid's smile!
We'll miss you Ethan and we love you forever ;)

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